New review: the Square 08.10.2017

The name of the Director is unknown to the General public, and worthy of attention, but unpopular with a mass audience films, as a rule, is neither advertising in form of banner or broadcast trailer before the screening of other films. Therefore, they can be found only if periodic monitoring of the site of the cinema where we usually show a movie festival.

The main character of the “Square” — the curator of the Stockholm Museum of modern art Christian (Claes Bang), a successful and wealthy representative of Bohemia. A new exhibition of his Museum installation called “Square”. It delineated the area in front of the entrance to the Museum, getting in which visitors become part of a performance, and any request or appeal must be made by others: “a Square is a refuge of altruism,” says Christian.

“Square” — a satire on modern European society, flashing his double standards: on the one hand it [the society] called for tolerance and humanism, on the other — not ready to show them to the neighbor, especially belonging to a different social stratum. The main character in the street stealing the phone and he is taking an adventurous step for the return of lost. As the story develops, the viewer emerges a contradictory portrait of Christian.

Atlanta movie looks like a series of performances, planned and spontaneous, which involved the main character.

The opening scene fully captures the essence of the whole picture: the girl on the street turns to the passers-by with the words “do You want to save the person?” but pass by her. A Christian, for which altruistic appeals before the opening of the exhibition are only part of the work, and between his words and actions subsequently emerges the abyss.

In the film there is no moralizing, but there is a permanent feeling of anxiety, which in funny places is not drawn to laugh.

Goes here and contemporary art. But the Director is not the enemy of contemporary art, after all, he once traveled the world with his installation “the Square” which existed in reality before it became the basis of the film. Edlund gently leads the viewer to question Where the line that separates contemporary art from dummy, and what his art object “Square” is, for example, from the same piles of gravel, symmetrically laid out in the hall?

One of the most impressive scenes of the film — a performance of Terry Notari, who plays the artist-experimenter Oleg Rogozhin.

Half-naked man walks into a room full of beautifully dressed people, and transforms into a gorilla. He sniffs people, laugh at them, jumping on the table. The actor is very convincing and the situation is getting increasingly tense. It’s no coincidence that the creators gave the character a Russian name — a clear reference to the performance of the famous Kyiv artist Oleg Kulik, who 20 years ago “was a dog.”

“Square” is a film about the dehumanization of society, where humanity is not even inside the Square, declared as the last refuge of altruism. Because a young PR man Museum comes to mind “brilliant” idea: to take a provocative ad, completely negates the humanist message of the art facility that actually puts a fat point in this story.

New review: the Square 08.10.2017

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