New review: the Status of brad 03.10.2017

People are inherently self-centered. This ego is very often a veil closes his eyes, interferes with an objective, realistic view on the world. The same thing happened with the main character of the movie, brad (Ben Stiller). I’m sure everyone can find the main hero, a part of himself.

Ben Stiller captured the image of a man who in forty years have been disappointed in my life, always comparing it with the lives of pseudo-friends and makes the wrong conclusion about what his life had failed. What it is possible to find a similarity between brad and Walter Mitty from the movie “the secret life of Walter Mitty” (daydreaming or something, light indecision).

The film raises many social issues: friendship, family relationships, finding yourself, dissatisfaction with life and partly envy.

The motion picture “the Status of brad” not for one-time viewing. Personally, I will reconsider it again as it is sure that in this case it [the film] will be revealed to me even more.

There is also musical accompaniment. The background sound in the film irritated me a bit (some strum on the strings). But the music in the final credits requires special praise, because it is able to penetrate into the depths of the soul and pleases the ear.

The monologues of the main character, his conversations with his son carry a semantic meaning. Liked the conversation between brad and Troy at the end. All of the phrases, the thoughts of the characters, you can do it for myself certain conclusions.

The ending of the film, of course, impressed, but at the same time it is very interesting, because it leaves the viewer with food for thought.

In conclusion I want to say as exactly noted in the movie [quote]”… They do not remember because usually people are absorbed in thoughts about themselves, and nobody cares”. So maybe it’s time to stop worrying about what will others think and just live.

New review: the Status of brad 03.10.2017

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