New review: the Story Ellie 25.09.2017

Real art has always been and will be out of nationality, religion and other distinguishing features. One has only to imagine that this film was made by Europeans, hardly anyone could watch it to the end, so clinging to national identity in art will always be incorrect.

When viewing the feeling that the film was shot on Amateur camera to create the illusion of reality. The whole movie waiting for the story, but appreciation also contribute to inflated expectations. Unfortunately, breaking through the long hours of film where nothing happens, I meet a black screen with subtitles.

We learn nothing about the main character, as he knew nothing about it, invited her along for the weekend. Such behavior does not indicate a change in society of Iran and the openness of the people, as any educated person will seem strange to bring the person whose name you don’t even know! When you realize that no one about whom he knows nothing, but only goes in circles without meaning, lost all interest in watching the movie. The behavior of the characters is like a cold house in which they settled.

At the end of the film is so tired that forget about heroin and everything else.

At first there was nothing. In this film, it never appeared.

New review: the Story Ellie 25.09.2017

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