New review: the Story of a fawn 21.06.2017

I was almost not included, and if included, with all television channels prefer Animal Planet, because to observe the race of the baboons in the savanna is much more exciting and not as bad as the fuss of the same baboons in the state Duma or their antics on the transfer of hyenas-Malakhov. Besides, I just love animals and nature, my childhood favorite was “Underwater Odyssey Cousteau” and “animal world”. Therefore, “the Story of a fawn,” I began to watch with interest, anticipating a good documentary about the life of beautiful and noble animals of the North.

Unfortunately, Director trish Mitchell, the writer is quite popular documentary series “wild Russia”, apparently, received an order from the American analogue of transfer “good night, kids”, otherwise how else can you explain that the film was for children aged 3 years exploring the world of wildlife?

But even for kids, in my opinion, really important. More precisely, the tale separately, the information separately. Any documentary — first of all, the media. Fabulous deer there are stories about a young deer, Rudolf, “the Cold heart”, “the Snow Queen”, etc. And there are anthropomorphic animals due to the rules of the game that are with young (and older) audience, the storytellers and are able to act on par with other heroes. Why in “the Story of a fawn,” good shot, depicting the beautiful animals in their natural environment, it could be a great informative and entertaining movie turned into a stupid farce, making all the deer (not fabulous but real!) — servants of Santa Claus, which is on request of a bearded old man and hordes of greedy children eager for Christmas gifts, overcome thousands of miles of frozen wasteland, killing, fighting cold, hunger, predators, and evil winds…

I was kind of pissed off. What kind of hypocritical lie, the syrup that transforms strong animals and their fight for life in tearful Christmas garland, a real no more than a cotton snow under the tree? What is this vile “informing” children? What kind of science, since childhood, forcing the child to consider himself the crown of creation? That is exactly what is laid consumer attitude to animals! That’s the nature of it becomes entertainment and the show turning into a circus, where zaturkanny animals perform tricks for the amusement of popcornhour fatty brats.

No, I’m not against stories in documentaries about animals. Stories are in each series of wonderful series of BBC “Walking with dinosaurs” and its sequels. The plot and even quite sentimental, understandable to both children and adults, there is a “Bear” of Anno and in the same “Odyssey Cousteau”. But stories don’t turn these movies into a silly obsequious improbable tales, and reveal the beauty of the wild nature, learn to love and cherish her, admire her, respect her. After “Story of a fawn,” to respect these slaves Santa somehow doesn’t want to.

And yet the film presses on a completely human — “be yourself”, “believe in yourself and you will succeed!”, “act”, “listen to your heart!” That’s fine, but… what’s a deer? And as if the deer didn’t believe in myself, never the tiny frail fawn would not be the sudden leader of the herd, which he leads at the appointed hour to see Santa! It’s a lie. And very ugly. And use for this lie animals that spit on Santa and children — ugly. Lying to children is doubly a hypocrite.

Perhaps the authors did not give sleep laurels of “Bambi.” But “Bambi” is a good tale and it remains so. It teaches good, forcing children to associate themselves with fawn, helps to understand the world, understand what is good and what is bad. Here you can learn just what the deer is Santa’s servant and does the best he can get hurt, just to deliver gifts to children. That’s awake and not eating, just thinking about Santa but about the children!

As for pictures, it is very interesting. Deer live their lives, the cameraman captures on film the different moments of the reindeer’s existence from birth of the first steps in the snow — fights in the leader’s place, mating and death in wolves ‘ mouths. And if not for the frankly idiotic narration, sweetly carrying stuff would be a good documentary, interesting even to children who are unlikely to see deer in a nearby Park (if they are not, of course, Chukchi).

If you are interested in documentaries and animals, deer in particular — choose another movie. If you want to show your toddler how these animals live, pick another film. If you want to see beautiful shots of wild Northern nature, equipped with the dumbest VoiceOver text — select this movie. By the way, when I heard deer in the path of the Russian accompany Church hymns, I almost died laughing. Mitchell, apparently, was already interested in Russia, only used their knowledge as a grandmother helicopter seedlings it planted.

I hope the next time the channel about animals tell me about these animals, and make the walrus a master of the elements, and the goose — the President of the country under Church music.

4 out of 10

New review: the Story of a fawn 21.06.2017

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