New review: the Student 29.07.2017

Write the kind of reviews only a surprise due to the rather large number of positive ratings. Yes, the film is a reflection of the position of Kirill Serebrennikov, to which it is naturally entitled.

But seeing this film and seeing everything that I know and don’t like, I’m not made for themselves, first, any conclusions, and, secondly, tasted no artistic charm, which seems to be going on. I found the film neither heavy nor dynamic nor exciting nor profound. This is a film about deluded people. Misguided very narrowly in religion. That’s all. But, for me, depicts the ugly thick and flat. The position of the film in this case is similar to the position of the protagonist — the same narrow-minded, not flexible and not wise, with bulging eyes and spraying saliva.

Those who knows the value of religion (any) there is no point to watch because the film maloudivitelno shown what is obvious. I mean dark and moss-grown side of the coin (the cross if you want). Those who are young, hot, and all doubt is not necessary, because it might incite hatred, instead of a just indignation. And yet, it is unclear what — religion, people, system, or godless. Those who believe in God is not necessary, because it will undoubtedly offend their feelings.

PS And it is unclear why this endless demonstration of genitals.

New review: the Student 29.07.2017

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