New review: the tablet of destiny 25.06.2017

In the history of modern cinema there are many occasions when the Directors representing the Albion, exposed the skeletons in the closet of Ireland, has always considered himself a bulwark of Catholicism, and portrayed this vaunted piety as a rabid religious rigorism, not much different from mysticism. Vskidku come immediately to mind “Magdalene Sisters” by Peter Mullan and “Philomena” by Stephen Frears. “Tablets of fate” of the famous Irish Director Jimmy Sheridan, the basis of which lay not less remarkable than the film itself the book is the story of Sebastian Barry (suffice it to say that the book was awarded numerous prizes rare book world), no less than its predecessors with rage, fell upon the Institute of Irish Catholicism.

The place is located in the picturesque Irish Outback clinic want to build a modern SPA-hotel, but the last stronghold of the clinic turns out to be a hundred years old Rosanna McNulty, resolutely refusing to leave its walls — after all, she spent more than fifty years, and over the years the walls of the clinic have become her home. The hospital management sends as an envoy for talks with Rosenau Dr. William green, famous for its ability to persuade, and rose tells him a poignant story of his life.

Sheridan, himself an overworked book Barry for a movie scenario, managed smartly and entertainingly, with due share of drama to tell a complicated story of love flowing simultaneously in two time planes — in world war II and nowadays. Difficult because of the proud and freedom-loving, rose managed to fall in love with Michael McNulty, who in contrast to the Catholic population of the town, was a Protestant, and this provoked a tangle of religious intolerance bordering on hatred, lies and slander, as the train ran over the heroine throughout her life, bringing her so many disappointments and losses, compounded by the fact that she put the eyes of the young pastor of the local Church. Analogy with the recent “Underworld” Martin Koolhoven suggest themselves, but, unlike him, Sheridan manages to dilute the gloomy atmosphere of colorful Irish humor (a shot of a young man on the back while dancing in the village hall for the too close adherence to the partner- “where is the place for the Holy spirit?”) pastoral and beautiful beaches of the Irish hinterland and the sea, which plays an important role in the story (by the way, all this beauty shot by the efforts of our compatriot Mikhail Krichman, longtime partner Andrei Zvyagintsev, whose “the Tablets” became debut on the world tinaarena). The cast did a great job – Vanessa Redgrave with her usual grace and dignity gave way elderly Roseanne, Rooney Mara revealed the secret appeal of her character for the men in my youth, surprised and Theo James, familiar to viewers of the franchise “Divergent” and almost for the first time speaking in such a dramatic role. All this and great acting, and wonderful seascapes and the story itself, affecting the audience’s imagination the fact that it occurred in our progressive twentieth century, and its uplifting finale make “tablets of fate” in the film, which will suit those who love an epic canvas such as “the notebook”

7 out of 10

New review: the tablet of destiny 25.06.2017

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