New review: the Teacher 05.10.2017

A domestic Thriller of 2015 with elements of drama Alexey Petrukhin “Teacher”. To describe the plot in a nutshell is very simple. Lonely, tired, benevolent history teacher Alla Nikolaevna with forty years experience of teaching in the school for many years, is a desperate struggle with young ignorance. Sometimes with humor, sometimes with irritation and sometimes with indifference.

The class that we are introduced the film-makers, is a whole palette of degenerates, louts and narcissistic idiots. Of course, not without a pair of crammed two beautiful girlfriends and head of the Joker. You can laugh, but, incidentally, it is quite plausible. It might be a good game guys. Well, once in class is an incident: one of the students brings a gun to school. Scared weird call directly during a lesson, he threatens the teacher, which, you see, made a remark to him. The situation changes radically when the gun turns out to have driven to madness Alla Nikolaevna. Since that and the whole not afraid of the word, batch.

The absurdity reaches its limit when the gun is in the hands of the fifth disciple. This struggle for “a gun”, to be honest, made me laugh. But! Someone may find this illogical running around minus. However, I have seen this deeper meaning (how pretentious, right). Each showed itself in all its glory. These guys studied each other for 10 years, and, as it turned out, a lot of claims and grievances. Spoke almost all. And that’s the catharsis. So it was necessary.

Some details, of course, confused me. For example, the headmistress that points to their employees for the bad taste in clothes. Her Deputy, sang and podhisita, subservience which sometimes turns into a real clown. The drunk guard. Stupid special forces Colonel, who, being confident in the fact that the class hid a terrorist, could not properly and adequately plan the rescue operation of children.

But all this is nothing thanks to the games of Irina Kupchenko.

She’s gorgeous. Her monologues are sometimes very rude and contemptuous, touched to the core. And the strange thing is, she was able to invoke sympathy for the heroine.

How many such teachers in our country? With every year more and more desperate, looking at advanced generation of children who don’t need anything except the dough, gadgets, and “Oh, yeah, and copulation, of course”, as noted by Alla Nikolaevna. And let this school decadence are shown exaggerated! This was the only way to convey the essence.

The promise is clear. It is easy as ABC. Everyone got their just deserts. And despite the fact that some parts of the movie you can truly fault the film-makers want to say: thanks for trying.

7 out of 10

New review: the Teacher 05.10.2017

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