New review: the Terminator 26.09.2017

Already in 1984, I think, the theme of the uprising of the machines, though something seemed to be possible, after all, was not too believable. In our days, when technology increasingly permeates all levels of our lives, this topic is more relevant. An interesting theme picked for his movie , James Cameron. Rise of the machines? In my opinion, a good version of Apocalypse.

The action of the film begins to occur quite rapidly — we show a brief backstory, and then things begin to happen one by one. Closer to the middle, this is the most action the film slows down and things take a more dramatic turn. All this is happening, coupled with the mass shootings, which, I think, performed at a good level. In the film, in my opinion, successfully combined drama and action.

The characters in the film liked and remembered. Interesting story from Kyle Reese (Michael biehn), Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) to the end of the movie of an insecure girl becomes a woman capable of fighting with the Terminator and which is preparing for the role of “mother of the future”, and of course the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is quite picturesque, the actor picked up the nail. This is probably the most popular image of Arnold Schwarzenegger for his career in the movies. At least, I think so. Despite the fact that his character is laconic, every phase weight in gold. For example, what is the crown “I’ll be back” (“I will return”). In one of the last episodes, where the action takes place in the factory, the Terminator is frightened, it is very ultramouse it moves.

In this film, I especially liked the ending. Very epic:

“He says there’s a storm coming”.
“I know”.

Overall, a great Thriller with a good plot. Especially, the idea of the film. It was interesting to observe the play of time in this picture. Curious to see what will happen next. Whether humanity is to change your future in the past-present? Will overcome it man’s car? Storm really is coming. After viewing the remains the feeling that the Terminator was not lying, and one day he will return…

8 out of 10

New review: the Terminator 26.09.2017

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