New review: the Texas chainsaw massacre 2 27.09.2017

Oddly enough the sequel I liked more than the original, although the statistics he gives. Well, at least in the second part, more interesting events than in the first. But the stupidity of characters in horror films is striking.

The story tells about a Lieutenant, nicknamed Lefty , and girl, a DJ with radio a Scratch. 13 years have passed since the original film, and the surviving girl told the police everything. The Lieutenant was a friend of this family and decided to take revenge on the ogres for unpunished deeds. But the search was not successful. The authorities turn a blind eye to the murder and disappearance, and do not allow them to associate with maniacs wielding chain saws. But a Lefty is on their trail and the Scratch he could help, she heard the crime when she called broadcast.

It was interesting that a family of cannibals opened a little more, and the main character performed by Carolyn Williams too. But the character of Dennis hopper, left-Handed, behaved differently. And when it seemed that the character now is really doing cool things, so he begins to do stuff. And indeed the horror film 86 can be defined in the category of “trash”. After the normal horror this can not be called. And I re-watch it does not want to.

New review: the Texas chainsaw massacre 2 27.09.2017

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