New review: the Texas chainsaw massacre 27.09.2017

I understand that Tobe Hooper has created another classic in the horror genre. The person who is chasing you with a chainsaw is scary, especially when running behind you. And the more disgusting, not so scary. Let me explain.

Sally and Franklin are bringing their friends and you go check the cemetery, which said that many graves desecrated. It was there buried their grandfather. But once there, they decide to call on an old farm that belonged to their father. But next door is another farm, which I live very unpleasant neighbors, head crazy and ready to kill you. But of course the most memorable of them is leatherface, and his name is true because it’s on your face put on another. It is large, but perhaps with deviations, cannot speak, and emits some sounds, and behaves strangely. But he can talk to people in the language of the chainsaw that the latter is not very pleasant.

And kind of interesting, but to watch a family of cannibals who’s killing everyone and then doing all sorts of devilry is not always interesting and enjoyable. Of course, you can write it off as “trash” (meat, guts, stupid plot), then maybe the film is justified. But for 74 years , the film might have been scary. The second part of the movie, actress Marilyn burns, who played Sally, was crying all the time, without stopping. I know, scary, but not all the time to shout! My ears began to hurt from her endless screaming. As she plucked the voice?… But in General I have a negative impression of the viewed. The plot is built stupid, the characters are not really spelled out, and the ending is invented, as if in haste. If you are a fan of horror movies, then this movie do not waste time, and if still a fan, the picture you are unlikely to enjoy.

New review: the Texas chainsaw massacre 27.09.2017

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