New review: the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface 05.10.2017

What can you expect from a film called “Texas chainsaw massacre”? In fact, this massacre and expect: blood, guts out, screams and cries of the main characters. Everything is there in the film with a vengeance.

Quite interesting to look at the history of Jackson: why did he do it? What motivates them? What are the goals? The character is very colorful.

But, for me, the film fell short. It is linear, it is not scary, it just makes the person in disgust curve, there are no psychedelics, in the same “It”. The main characters of the classic: panic, despair, betray each other. Speaking of Lizzie… Her actions at the end of the film illogical and wrong, for which he paid.

Sam Jackson… Sam Strike too of horoshenkii and pretty. Leatherface is a tall and strong man, who suffers from excess weight. Face leather Sam Strike does not cause the feeling of fear and terror.

At the end: such a movie. Had a lot of noise, but in fact it’s a typical American horror movie — a classic of the genre. From the series “look once”.

New review: the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface 05.10.2017

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