New review: the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface 27.09.2017

The prequel Texas Massacre of Tobe Hooper, perhaps, permanently enshrining the belief that the best story of Leather Face is the 2003 remake and its prequel, released in 2006 — that there was a “Beginning,” the formation and family, and maniac, and the disclosure of their images almost at full speed (where it is not succeeded the prequel of Libesman — succeeded himself prior to it was a remake nispel will, and Vice versa). Original same cycle, in fact gave birth to the slasher genre and established many canons that interesting except that the first and third parts, at the time, as all the even went very badly. And you know what’s ironic? That is an even — eighth film of the series, including all the variations. But preceding the quasi-sequel to 2013 was still very good.

If you are waiting for the origin of the family — forget it. We are just from the first seconds of a fait accompli — that is, the family of killer cannibals. Why? Who the hell knows. Crazy bitch and her crazy kids. Catch, torture, kill, devour, feed the grandfather mummy and always make trouble with the law, whose number in these parts is gradually reduced. Not without their knowledge, of course. Why farmers Soleri embarked on a criminal path, we will not only tell, but don’t even think of them in any way to disclose. Mama still tries, it is evident that acting ability women have. But all other filed “for show” to read characters from the main loop. No, not from the series! The worst thing is that Directors and writers have not reduced all ends. Canon do part 2? And the third? They could not even see, all tied to the very first film.

If you expect the origin of the Skin of the Face, 80% of the time duration you will not even know who all the brethren escaped psychopaths is a future maniac. Maybe watching the movie again and knowing this, you will notice a little more than at first glance. But at first glance there simply is no damn thing that would be worth such a stretch of history, and even a new kind of “guessing” who the maniac. You know, in slasher like “Scream”, when it’s not about a cult of killers such as Voorhees and Myers, you always see a bunch of characters and type guess who among them will be under the mask? Here it is shown with a new hand, which to some extent you can even say thank you.

In fact, a massacre. The film is deliberately distanced himself from his signature title “Texas chainsaw massacre” and began to call just leatherface. Special dismemberment is not worth waiting, all relish prepared for the final or to some superior extended version, if any, scheduled to be released. However, there are a couple of bright scenes sex on the decomposing body, hiding in the carcass of dead cows and feeding alive pigs (but we are in “Hannibal” Riddly Scott have seen). It’s, like, the only Texas Massacre in which there is female nudity — Boobs and butt really burns, but other films in the franchise can not boast at all, if my memory is correct.

Savoring murders there, but they are all very little interesting. Imprint face in the window and all that jazz. Many things like shotgun shot in the face in emphasis shown is almost over, with the wrong angle, so to speak. The final episode of the chainsaw is nice, but not exactly the same scenes from 2006. But, of course, superior to the same original Hooper, where the moments themselves of the stabbing saw the bodies on the screen and not at all.

In other words, the film seems to be good. It has something to cling to, there is a more or less distinct desire of the writers to tie the events of this movie to the picture in 1974, there is even a top movie star Steven Dorff. Well, that is now Texas Massacre is famous not only for Vigo Mortensen and Matthew McConaughey. But what is happening on the screen desperately overcrowded, some absurd.

The behavior of the characters — also is himself, but from the heroes of the slasher intelligent behavior in General in the afternoon with fire not find. In most cases, simply the film was not that, then someone smart, because here nitpicking can only be conditional. However, the film is not very similar to a typical slasher. It resembles more a Thriller. In the spirit of the core content of “From dusk till dawn”, or “natural Born killers” some similar to the second “House of a thousand corpses” by Rob Zombie, because the essence of the picture — running the escaped psycho and the hostage from the Sheriff and other adversaries. Do not forget that this is still the last Texas Massacre under the auspices of the author, the original Toba Hooper, at least his involvement in the project shortly before his death still fills this picture. That’s just what will happen with this movie cycle to continue?

Perhaps the main problem of the film is that even in the presence of a number of advantages, it absolutely will not want to reconsider. Even in the marathon cycle. He is so not fit into a typical representative of the Texas Massacre that even the parts, like second and fourth, which many do not like, look still in the cycle of organic. And the prequel is absolutely no. Nothing to do with “the Beginning” in 2006 in terms of successful concepts and entourage. However, the tension and atmosphere, an unexpected murder, and good ideas and bloody scenes. Plus the above mentioned guessing “who Ceremony?”. Look, maybe I should. But guarantees that the movie will like it very much. Good, mediocre, passable. In times worse than the last attempt in 2013 Daddario.

6 out of 10

New review: the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface 27.09.2017

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