New review: the Texas chainsaw massacre: the Beginning 29.09.2017

Here and familiar with this tape. Overall I liked the movie. So much is explained during the viewing. It becomes clear why “leatherface” wears a mask. Narrative the narrative describes in detail the period of life of an insane family Huitou. A small town in Texas begins to die from lack of different resources and closing in the area. At this point, the mad men know that murder is not only a pleasure, but the livelihood of themselves as well as consumables. In General, from here begins the bloody beginning. I note that some bloody scenes look creepy and natural. Death. the characters are remembered well. Peeling the skin from the victim, filing and fitting the new mask is pretty terrifying. Dialogues (with a hint of insanity and audacity) of madmen, very impressive. The ending pictures were quite logical. By acting, we can say that all the characters are developed well and performed at a level without any mistakes. But still want to celebrate the brutal Sheriff and the very “Leather face” and the images are excellent.

In General, “TRB: the Beginning” is a horror film of 2006, made at a decent level. It is a bright background, where it all began. All events and actions are dynamically represented, every character is interesting to watch. The main face of a psycho killer reflected not so bright, but in this tape, he stays mad animals is not worse than the remake of 2003, obeying his sumasshedshiy family.

8 out of 10

New review: the Texas chainsaw massacre: the Beginning 29.09.2017

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