New review: the Tightness 26.09.2017

I think I saw a living person slit the throat. Saw Chechen militants slaughtered, like cattle, Russian boys, fought at the call.

When I watched it, I felt irrational, and instinctive hatred for all income, ancient as the cosmos, consciousness, built on the culture and traditions that go back several thousand years. Scared, fiercely hated roaring, cutting the air space to the sounds of foreign languages.

Burning pain and pity for the Russian Ivan flooded me.

Why am I looking? This story was part of the film “Anguish”. The Director took in hostages of spectators, so I saw it. If you enter into a search engine corresponding to the request, this documentary Chronicles the footage will fill the screen. I immediately recognized the faces of dead men. They died in different ways. One shouted, begged to save his life, talked about how he wants to live. The other died silently and indifferently; cut the white skin of the neck in a second filled with dark red blood. And he was still staring blankly ahead, deep into yourself as possible when your face is smashed into the ground.

I didn’t know that it happens. I was shocked.

Cantemir Balakov of — honor student Sokurov speaks to us, imitating the manner of the master: the language of facts, events and real phenomena. The main difference is that a disciple is not shy to put on a lined white sheet slightly colored watercolors. If he flatly rejects the conversation with the viewer through the aesthetics of the image, preferring stolen visual moment, peeped frame, realistic, and natural beauty in a static frame (if it is there by nature, of course), Balakov, everything takes a turn for the images through which conveys additional meaning. But it is not done impressively-air, not for pleasure, but strictly, if not sparingly.

So I missed the Director’s work with color. About this reception was written by the observer of “Novaya Gazeta” Larisa Malyukova.

The film’s heroine, her inner world, her people are associated with the color blue and shades of blue. It is to them he’s around them. And the antagonist (mother), and all that contrasted with the heroine — is red and its shades. It seems to be hard to see, but in the heroine’s room, for example, hangs a huge blue carpet. He immediately catches the eye, why not think about the decision, but was inattentive, did not feel it in any way.

A similar reception was at Voloshin’s Nirvana, where the occupation of the character and peculiarities of his inner world, or the momentary state displayed in makeup, in graphic elements, the shapes deposited on skin, clothing and jewelry. I perceive it that way, insist on this and, by the way, no similar review has not read. When Voloshin will die, and I will age about this film, I will tell in this vein: here de the Director’s idea of what is exceptional, and refute my words there will be nobody.

Distress… That’s all they say that the movie format is 4:3, how the film was made, small size, low town, littered with clothes, the interiors — all it creates a sense of closeness. Well, I’m sorry — no. Apparently, I grew up in this crowded, for me unprepossessing narrow pole rectangular five-story building seemed enormous as a child, I a priori is not given to lift up his head on a skyscraper, to mentally feel the amounts so directed by debutant you may be, but an operator-debutant — desirable.

But the closeness I felt different. Which, actually, started. The narrowness of peoples! Traditions, culture — Yes. Fratricidal tightness. This tearing sensation that makes you want to scream. When around fields, rivers, mountains, seas, but you come to another man, feel his fear, slit his throat, because you’re in your house with him closely, you don’t want him on their land, to share with him the air, the trees, the water from the source. You destroy him just because he speaks a different language and pray to a different God.

Or you have no choice but to run: you can’t stand to live at a certain point, because you are annoying your neighbors, but you can’t kill them, so you’re leaving, depriving themselves of the Motherland forever. Fleeing, escaping from the mental anguish.

New review: the Tightness 26.09.2017

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