New review: the Tunnel 16.06.2017

With full confidence we can say that the “Tunnel” is one of the best Dor the first half of the year 17 (if not the best). The perfect balance of genres, where each of them contradicts the other. Be it mystery, Thriller, fantasy, drama, elements of melodrama — all this as tightly as possible and without any annoying hype.

Honestly, before watching any doubts about whether to take up the series, knowing about his secondary. “Memories of murder”, “KAP Dong”, “Signal” — how can we be sure that the interpretation actually occurred in the Hwaseong serial murders — the theme is not new, rather elaborate and painful for Korean cinema, and South Korea in General. Individual suspicion is just the same feeling of excessive similarity “Tunnel” from Geramny explosion — “Signal”. Luckily, these suspicions were not justified. Yes, the similarities pretty much here and the tunnel, acting in functions of the radio; here and solving serial murders in the future by a detective from the past; hell, even the plot itself, the decor and atmosphere is painfully reminiscent of the “Signal”. But “Tunnel” is an independent, exciting, inducing genuine emotions project, although failed to reach the level of the above-mentioned period netlenki.

The dynamics of television ratings can be trusted only in 2 cases: when the display level is initially high, and then with each series there is a decline, or the reverse situation, when the initial level is low, but then gradually gaining momentum. This applies to our drama. Starting with only a 2% approval rating soared to 7% to the final series. Coming to this result contributed not advertising, not a top cast, not the most popular channel, namely the quality in all its manifestations.

The most poorly disclosed melodramatic line that should even be attributed to the positive moments. Indeed, much nicer to unobtrusively observe the development of relations between Professor Shin And Jae (Lee Yoo-Yeon) and a detective Kim sung Jae (Yoon Hyun Min), than if they pulled the duvet again and deprived us of basic detective drama and intrigue, as it is often the case. So, we have quite metallisierung romantic story in the right places to interrupt our detective Kwan Ho with his unusual bromance with brother-in-law and father, they say, keep your hands further away from my daughter.

Line Thriller happy too blurred, limited to shots of the mutilated bodies of the victims and attacks, strangulation, and quite fragmentary, apparently, the creators decided to take pity on us, leaving over real dirt and hopelessness. The center of gravity falls on the whodunit. Moreover, the interest is not only the identity of a serial killer, but also a number of other matters, following each other. To return back Kwang-Ho (Choi Jin-Hyuk)? What is the reason for his disappearance? Where to find a in this time of Yong Suk? Who is Yong-Ho? Why song Jae so violently grabs any material associated with the Affairs of thirty years ago? What happened to the corporal Pak Kwan Ho , born in 1988? And that’s just some of the many questions.

The gravity of the situation, the sense of powerlessness of the heroes in the prevailing circumstances and the inability to change anything very clearly identified in several solidly incised into the memory of the touches. Remembering this drama, in the mind immediately flashed a number of images: Kwan Ho, repeatedly circling through the tunnel, hoping to return; Yong Suk, who with a whistle to find my husband waiting for him with a ticket for the ship, carefully keeping his things in case he’ll be back; little song Jae at the hands of the father, and not waiting for the return of my wife; the detectives, after 30 years managed to solve the case and apologize to the families of the victims. Not one word does not convey even one tenth of how these scenes rending.

Finally, it should be noted a few weak study is a fantastic line. When viewing the impression that the creators are not familiar with concepts such as “paradox of time”, “change one — change all” , etc., so the main character light changes things in the past, then the future is affected by only one fountain pen Noel, hidden in a bought a red bear. Actually, why and spherical the tunnel to the vacuum.

In General not so important, because the emphasis falls entirely on the other. The possibility to change something in the crime-infested world. Same as “Signal”, “Tunnel” gives us comfort in despair, hope, and empowers us for a new fight for the best time, so that the fighting game.!

New review: the Tunnel 16.06.2017

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