New review: the Untold history of the United States by Oliver stone 31.07.2016

Oliver stone is the master of political cinema. Many of his films directly connected with the history of the United States and the policy pursued by that state in different years. To documentary it is drawn not for the first time, but “the Untold history of the United States” is perhaps the most ambitious (and not only among the documentaries). The Director has covered the period since the Second world war to the present day, combined in one work all required periods and those which he had previously directed the picture, and the ones that haven’t been covered. Ten serial the convicting work of the stone shows those aspects of the history of the United States, which in this country don’t like to talk. Many people know the”other” story — ampulirovannye, with smoothed corners, so this documentary is intended primarily for Americans and those who know the history of this country in General.

“Untold history…”, though a documentary, and in the creation of this project and the active involvement of historians, but still the visible hand of the Director of feature films — stone has made a documentary in the usual sense of this definition, rather it has created a mixture of documentary and own views. In the right places the emphasis(so that the audience empathy), something spoken, but attention to this point is not so much, and some pages of the history of the period not covered at all, while some explicit manipulation of the facts observed. Just a movie not a strict statement of facts — he has promise, there is a thought that the audience was trying to convey the Director and his team, but more on that later. When viewing the visible sympathy of the creators of this project to specific historical figures: Franklin Roosevelt, Henry Walesa, John Kennedy and a number of figures. In relation to other (much more, so I will not list them) as hard disapproval. Can’t say it wasn’t deserved, but just noticeable and it’s worth mentioning. For the domestic audience, the content is perhaps a revelation will not, however, “Untold stories…” there is a lot of interesting things, which many did not know. I, for example, first learned about this man as Henry Wallace in this documentary, but this man was well known in his time, and tells us the film was very close to lead the United States after Roosevelt. By the way, the material is illuminated in all the series is extensive and I think the number of episodes was not enough for more detailed and comprehensive display of events, perhaps this is why some of the events in the film were not included.

If you tell us more about the content, we are talking about those moments not far in General, that the stories that ordinary Americans are either not presented or presented in a distorted way. In each series sufficiently, a detailed analysis of mainly US foreign policy, assesses the actions of another President, talks about decisions and their consequences. The narrative is not boring — it provided interesting material, excellent presentation of this material, a great Director stone and a very interesting film and photo chronicle. A special place is given to the war in Vietnam — it serves as a connecting link in the second half of the series. Not spared the relations between the US and the USSR — they are not given enough attention (all the same speech for most of the series is about the period of the Cold war). As well explains United States policy in Latin America, the middle East.

Earlier, I noted that in this work the stone mixed documentary and his personal views. Someone thinks it’s a minus and will be right, and someone will consider advantage, enriching the narrative and will also be right. The thing is, and this is what I also wrote above that the movie has a certain message, idea. The film the nines Gromit external (and sometimes internal) policy of the United States since the Second world war to the present day, but isn’t doing this just to curse and to point out the mistakes of the past and warn against future errors. All this work has a humanistic message, a message of peace, non-mindless wars, understanding between people and countries. Stone with great bitterness and regret the story about the missed opportunities to make peace, avoid wars, crises. That this film only wins into something more than another documentary. Yes, of course, the film was shot for American audiences, but still in the ten series provides a universal for all peoples thoughts about the world, about the horrors of war, lack of foresight. Therefore, despite a certain focus in terms of audience this film can watch everybody.

People should not be afraid of its history. For all time of existence of mankind took place in many events good and bad, shameful and great. For the successful existence of humans must confront its past to be solid and confident to go into the future without making the same mistakes. I think that is what I tried to convey to us the creators of the film.

Was glad to share opinion, thank you for your attention.

New review: the Untold history of the United States by Oliver stone 31.07.2016

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