New review: the Vault 07.10.2017

The horror genre is both the easiest way of entering in the big movie (because you can scare at minimal cost), but also fairly and the converse — to create something truly noticeable in the ocean of similar pugalok task requiring stalwart imagination and skill. Alas, Dan Bush failed and here’s why:

First of all, you need to indicate that the main star of the picture (not) James Franco — Yes, plays a key role, but surprise can not, this is a typical walk-through work for a good General actor, go for a movie for him would be almost a fatal mistake. 10 minutes of stay Franco in the frame to justify spending on a ticket can not. To quote the film itself (from the mouth of the James): “Who’s in charge here? You? It seems that no one in this problem.” And that’s the problem — all the other actors/characters need only to fill him space between point a and point B, which is what the plot (intrigue), and conditional “unexpected twist” in the finale. Among robbers (they just cost to put on the poster) is remembered only Francesca Fisher-Eastwood is a girl with a remarkable name and appearance (Clint fathered a DoppelgangeR of Emma stone?). Would like to mention the names of the characters… I Wish… but just don’t remember (film viewed in less than a week ago) no, the characters here are so bland that even too lazy to go into the list of roles in order to refresh your memory.

The backbone of the story — a robbery. So careless, reckless and stupid robbers will not find even in the conventional “Duck stories”. The local Jesse James don’t care about the execution speed of the tasks or about the “fingers”, nor the preservation of the status incognito, their actions uncoordinated and chaotic, and interpersonal conflicts in the middle of an operation just touches incredibly. But the timing need to work (the film is exactly the standard 90 minutes), but because — let’s describe EVERYTHING from personal names to family ties in conversation with… one of the hostages. Obviously, the Director/screenwriter (Yes, we’ve got author film!) considered excessive intemperance of the local set of cardboard a decent way of revealing the actors, and this lived up to all the ridiculous scenario solution that is unlikely udastsya audience.

What is the result? Genre clichés here, just climb everywhere. Screamers — secondary and borrowed, “monster” itself is not there. The film desperately stalling (wasting) time in order to bring us to the final “twist”, but is it worth it? More than an hour of despondency and banal stupidity in the dialogues. Such spoilers do not believe the hostages too. James Franco — sells-face (almost literally, it’s clear that without him the picture would come out from on the media). “The vault” — the same movie that you are likely to see if by chance you come across it on TV — technically he is as unremarkable as they are competent — not bad. The rest — below average. After these paintings, the question always arises: “Why?” and the answer is obvious: “For the number”.

New review: the Vault 07.10.2017

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