New review: the Walking dead 27.06.2017

The actors do an excellent job with their roles, realistic, conveying the most complex emotions. Heroes here a lot. Probably almost everyone will find someone who he will be nice. I most liked Michonne.

Saw a lot of reviews that the show is stupidity and that Rick is to blame for the death of many people. He is the leader of the group, which in the course of the series, decreases and is replenished with new people. In my opinion, he took the right decisions and did everything I could. He consulted with the others, worried about them and always acted in the interests of the group. The stupidity here if there is, they are limited and minor to the overall course of history.

The story is incredibly interesting and exciting. This is one of the few shows where I don’t get bored. Starting to look very difficult to stop, I want to watch to the end. A good dose of fight scenes with zombies and just life conversations. The appearance of the characters is very realistic: messy hair, face, clothes.

Seen, many believe that not enough action and a lot of dialogue. But who is interesting to constantly look at nothing but fighting? There’s some drama unfolding, such spiritual experiences.

Many the dangerous moments are not associated with zombies, but with people. Some in the ‘new world’ had lost all humanity. And someone just revealed his true self in a world without laws where you can no longer contain myself. Someone true to himself to the end, not retreating from its principles, and willing to do anything to protect what he holds dear. There are those who are willing to grovel before anyone who represents a threat, forgot about pride just to save his miserable life. But why need such a life?

Even throughout the series always wonder who of the characters will end up and who goes down. After all, the heroes often die, and new ones appear.

Very beautiful picture — nice color, aesthetically beautiful locations. The atmosphere is incredible. I want to be there and walk through the deserted streets, abandoned buildings.

Also in the series is a beautiful idea and music. And a great zombie.

This is my favorite series. Perhaps someone he can force to start to appreciate your life, what you have. Even if not everything is as we would like, but appreciate the fact that you live in a comfortable environment, and you don’t need every day to be afraid for themselves and their families. After all the characters go through terrible physical and emotional pain, suffer humiliation, lose loved ones, live in appalling conditions, but still continue to live. To me this show is always uplifting.

10 out of 10

New review: the Walking dead 27.06.2017

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