New review: the Whole world 18.06.2017

To be honest, was expecting a lot from the film, and that much received, but, on the other hand, this does not detract from the fact that the film was a success. Maybe not for the glory, maybe it’s not a masterpiece. But you know, this is not another maudlin tale about the tragic love koi, I must confess, I love, but they already stuffed mouth.

Amandla Stenberg, who plays the main character — locked in a cage Maddieis a very sweet, charismatic, charming and even beautiful, in my humble taste and opinion. And it pays for nedoigrannye some emotions at peak times.

I loved the tension between the main characters… the chemistry, which I always like to mention and give importance. It was really between the main characters. And it’s worth it.

Also it was gratifying to see the sincerity and even a certain childishness in the characters. Yes, there were many illogical moments, I admit, and it is likely to notice and condemn criticism. But for me the story again.

Failed because it is unusual, because it breaks many of the templates of such movies. Succeeded because there is a lot of optimism, positivity, faith and hope that everything will eventually succeed best.

I must admit that was lengthy, boring moments, during which you can and probably should be loud, with relish and with the sound of a yawn, but the overall picture is positive. In General, I have not regretted that went.

Suggest romantics who believe in love and miracles.

7 out of 10

New review: the Whole world 18.06.2017

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