New review: the Whole world 19.06.2017

The film shows us the life of 18-year-old girl. she never in my adult life was not on the street. All of her 18 years spent at home. Her communication is 3 people – mom, nurse and daughter of a nanny. Once to her door moved a handsome guy, whom she immediately falls in love and starts a fairytale love story that will change her life.

What is not liked immediately. The first is the love between a white boy and black girl. I certainly understand. Lately tolerance is addressed already, but why is it necessary?

Second-the actress obviously had to pick up another. Amandla Stenberg nor that is not suitable for the film and plays the 3. Don’t believe her from the beginning. The role is definitely not for her. Moments of drama, it certainly didn’t pull.

The film is claimed as drama and melodrama, but neither one nor the other I never saw. Full movie slip bad jokes and moments, where seemingly have to sympathize with the heroine, look ridiculous. Half-Comedy and half-drama.

Of any is a picture of film, its color and footage shooting. The soundtrack is well chosen and appropriate. Interesting idea and the plot (although the second is lame). Cute love story. Moments showing that it is not necessary to despair, but simply to live and enjoy.

In the end I want to say that this is a film with a dry plot, but interesting idea. Teenage romance, which will go to 1 view. To convey the atmosphere of the girls are ill and sitting at home I think failed. I didn’t feel the drama of this film and laugh, too, failed. The film turned out average, unfinished, ill-conceived to the end. But giving to understand that the disease or failure is not the end of life.

I put 6 because I don’t think its bad, but a good movie, he does not pull. Therefore, to remain neutral. Although I may have too much expected of him.

It’s not so bad, so you can watch it in order to have their opinion about it and maybe even loved.

And this is just my opinion about the movie “the whole world”:)

6 out of 10

New review: the Whole world 19.06.2017

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