New review: the wife of the zoo Keeper 30.06.2017

Paintings of the events of World War II very, very much. Moreover, every year a country produces to the court audience his story of what happened on that terrible and violent time. Often, these movies look in one breath. And not because they are all as one shot beautifully from an artistic point of view, because based on some real events, often literally taking over their drama, they go for the audience’s sympathy, the audience tears. And looking at this picture, deep down knowing that it all actually happened, you have not before — whether the Director is manipulating your feelings, if he goes solely on the bare facts, with more showing than talking, whether with the actors or simply selects the appropriate character types?.. You just keep sinking — I sympathize, empathize, pray for successful outcome often knowing that it will end not so rosy. But here, as in all genres, have a truly deep samples and there are more mediocre. Examples will not lead, because it will be called “Schindler’s List”, will need to not forget about “the cranes are Flying”. Give an example of “the cranes are Flying”, will be offended, that is not thought about “Ivanovo detstvo”, and so on.

And now regarding “the Wife of the zoo Keeper”. Overall, the painting took cool from critics, if you rely on RottenTomatoes, a total of 60 points from the audience — a little more than seven points in IMDB, and slightly less than seven of our beloved Kinopoisk. And then we have to admit that “the wife of the caretaker” is still inferior to many of his genre sister — well, for example, in the elaboration of images (not all the characters were appropriately disclosed), a dramatic element (sometimes tape was falling into excessive sentimentality and losing depth), as well as, with regards to the right atmosphere (the movie too glossy, and it does not give offer proper genre for movies). But I want to note that all of these criteria are certain stereotypes (not in the bad sense of the word) that have developed over the long years of cinema. And if we consider the film through the prism of their own inner world, off in himself a keen critic, and relying on holistic experience, it still affects the thin strings of the soul. For me personally, the story could not remain indifferent, and there is no matter — glossy, matte, transparent tape came like and became friends with some lyrical and slightly sentimental mood.

And this hit was not in the least due to the real history, which proceeded in the Warsaw zoo. I, as well as the main characters of the picture, very not indifferent to our younger brothers, and remembering the phrase Chastain, too, believe that animals are better than us, “Look them in the eye and know what they want.” Here to watch cruelty: shoot elephants, buffalos, hawks, — sudden frightened of the bombing, unaware of what had broken their peace and solitude, not knowing where to hide, fleeing from the shattered and burning of the cells was unbearable. Sometimes literally wanted to scream — stop! The head did not fit, why so much cruelty in people? And thank God that there are such kind and accepting as the caretaker and his wife from the movie, otherwise you could just go crazy.

In the tape emerges albeit not original, but always relevant topics: people-animals, people and animals, who’s more of a beast. And there are events happening in the zoo helped the author with various allegories and metaphors. The picture is an adaptation of the novel, based on real events, is rumored to be transferred to the paper very truthfully. “The wife of the zoo Keeper” immerses us in a world in which evil twist of fate puts innocent people in the basement cells of the animal, while the real animals in the face of lost all conscience of Nazi soldiers calmly walk free, deprived of honor, of life and liberty, and fauna lying in the ruined cages with severed heads and bullet hearts. And feel it all, we allow the actors — Jessica Chastain, with a wide range of acting, which does not allow to use labels and constantly appears in the new images, in this case, in the image of the frightened but brave wife of the caretaker, John, Heldenberg the role of the caretaker, unable to go against his conscience and saved hundreds of Jewish lives, Daniel brühl, in the contradictory role of a Nazi-lover of animals with no less controversial manifestation of this his love, and, of course, Shira Haas, whose heroine is raped the child, almost lost his mind, but in time fell into good hands. Her image touched me in the same way as the girl in the red coat in “Schindler’s List” — a very touching game. These desperate and frightened eyes probably will remain in my memory forever kinomanskie. However, along with the ruined zoo full of corpses of innocent animals in the basement which hid the same innocent people who took their meager enclosures.

PS Menestrina, glossy, more sentimental than deep dramaturgical picture — Yes, Yes, Yes… But it is incredibly touching and giving hope despite the cruelty of the original story. It remains to add — eternal memory Zhabinsky spouses who are risking their own lives and the lives of their children, were able to save three hundred and suddenly found themselves outside the law of man, in parallel saving faith in mankind!

9 out of 10

New review: the wife of the zoo Keeper 30.06.2017

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