New review: the Wolverine 21.06.2017

Viewing experience remains mixed. Seems to be some places left, not bad but not outstanding observed. To me personally, the action moved to Japan, it seemed doubtful. During playback, it seemed that most of Logan, there is absolutely nothing to do. I think that would look logical operation, continuing to develop in Canada, or somewhere else.

In General, speculation is speculation, the film is made according to the vision of the founders and nothing to avoid. Events develop slowly and then fast, constantly changing pace. Not felt in them large scale. Japan itself presented not bad from the perspective of criminal groups, which include a lot of assassins ninjas. It would be better if the creators made the tape at least a few mutants to the story was full connected with “X-Men”, this movie would have come out at quite a decent level.

With regards to the acting, in General, normal. Hugh Jackman once again perfectly fulfills your habitual way of Wolverine. Memories and visions in dreams about his beloved Jean grey, not badly endowed with elements of drama. Khodchenkova exactly in the image of the Poisonous vipers of the villain, pursuing his evil purpose, at all. Asian Actresses did well with their tasks.

Summary. A fantastic Thriller from Director James Mangold. Feels the film has the advantage in the direction of action, rather than fiction. She builds here on the second plan. It is good that the Director was able in the future to correct the situation in the story of Logan and gave a bright ribbon on it in 2017, placing the bright point. With regards to this film, it is not outstanding, but a bad call it can not, therefore, treat him with a neutral position.

New review: the Wolverine 21.06.2017

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