New review: the Words 26.09.2017

Well, it is obvious that the character of Dennis Quaid this is Rory Jansen. The novel “Words”, it appears that there is some compensation for the theft of the manuscript. The attempt of the hero, Dennis Quaid, instead of stolen the life of man, to present to the readers of his own life, with all its doom and anguish of the soul.

Perhaps the novel “Words” is the author’s desire to tell the General public the truth about their fate. The desire of the hero Dennis Quaid to see it in the eyes of the readers awareness of his action and, finally, ease the burden through repentance. But, judging by the final dialogue with Daniela, he still is not ready. Not ready to ruin my life, although basically the life is already ruined and he only has the secret.

In the film, the character Dennis Quaid will not assess the act (namely, the theft of the manuscript), referring to the ability of each reader to draw a conclusion about moral choice. But I think his look at the end of the film speaks for itself.

Of course, history would not have happened, but if the old man didn’t show up? Haven’t told that story in the manuscript is real, and that her immense human tragedy? How then would his fate? I think invariably, after some time, she went in the same direction as the one presented in the picture.

New review: the Words 26.09.2017

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