New review: the world’s end 29.07.2016

A group of old friends, headed by the hilarious Gary king, the best years of drunk dissolute youth which have been left behind, and ahead of only the boring routine of the present and the bright future of pastoral, returning to his native provincial town near London, to repeat the exciting all-inclusive trip and to revive old. Soon, however, things take an unexpected and dark turn.

The final part of the so-called “Trilogy of Blood and ice cream”, which includes the films “Zombie named Sean” and “hot fuzz” in which this time the blood will be a lot of color dyes varieties of E, which, however, does not mean that the audience is waiting for the next conveyor semi-finished product, from Director Edgar Wright and renowned Comedy Duo of Pegg — frost movie “the world’s end”(or originally “end of the world”) in 2013, represents an interesting and extremely fascinating example of quality British humor, which, of course, not limited to only “Mr Bean”, “benny hill, “Monty Python” and “Little Britain”, and in this new century has become more acute, satirical grotesque, and very specific features. Because the movie “the world’s end” due to all its direct affiliation to good and tasty British Comedy tradition is more than just an entertaining and vivid fantasy spectacle.

If “Zombie named Sean” was attuned to the classic romirowsky zombie horror, “hot fuzz” successfully played up the motives of a buddy movie, “world’s end” — the most comprehensive and complete part of special effects blood-frozen trilogy — shot in the spirit of classic science fiction thrillers and horror, telling about alien invasion and mimicry, such as “Invasion of the body Snatchers”, “Puppeteers”, and, according to the creators, much in common the movie has with “the Stepford wives”, 1975, that is much closer to the true nature of the tape, for all its impeccable style and juicy memetichnaya of Comedy the film is one of the many, but perhaps the most memorable variation on the theme of free will and freedom in General, freedom from technocratic put in favor of the civilizational process of regression and a return to the sources, the denial of progress that leads people to the path of self-destruction, as well as tape for more convincing and universal artistic integrity for the sake imbued with the lyrical theme of the impossibility to regain lost youth. That’s why the final film is an example of the thoughtful and subtle drama, and philosophy, because unlike the openly improvisational “Apocalypse Hollywood” filled with grotesque and naturalism of trash, a film by Edgar Wright more elegant, smart and thin in relation to its audience, the deeper pierced the sad and melancholy, despite the fervor of some of the scenes. This melancholy Tzarovska even plan, melancholy for bygone times and a strange future without future. Heroes running away from your present, future, rebirth — sometimes literally but more often metaphorically, in order to obtain the desired catharsis, dussasana and the meaning of life. Almost Monty Python.

In the swamp of modern cinema, in which originality and creativity are becoming increasingly rare, “the world’s end” looks self-sufficient and fascinating creature who is clearly not destined to become the black sheep. Where so many or viscous, vulgar, or dull and layered on top of each other cliches and cliches that Edgar Wright and Co. in “Armagedda” colorful characters deft postmodern harping on their own, confident and strong directorial hand and a lot of charismatic and interesting characters, follow the adventures of which are very funny, and the ending is a pity that the film is so quickly ended.

Being one of the many paintings on the theme of End of the world and the universal Doomsday, “the world’s end” skillfully combines his genre cocktail with a quintessentially British Comedy, science fiction, apocalyptic disaster film, filosofsko drama and brisk Thriller that managed to outperform significantly on your quality of some other representatives of the action genre 2013. All spectators with a good taste and sense of humor, as well as all cinephiles and moviegoers of this film is not only entertaining, but also thought-provoking. Not just an effective removal of the brain, and the ideological and philosophical brain stem and parsing it for all components.

New review: the world’s end 29.07.2016

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