New review: there is no Connection 15.12.2017

Internet — the world wide web that bring people together. Music, photo, movie. The world simply can not do without him. Every day we sit in social networks, send mail and put the photo in Instagram. Sometimes not thinking about the consequences. That film, Henry Alex Rubin abstrahierte from the given topic — the Internet. We open a few of the episodes, which tells about the dangers of the world wide web. Here guys, decided through social networks to play a prank on a classmate. And the man sitting in the chat psychological support, desperate for help from the same grief-stricken people. And private chat, where Teens have intimate virtual services. All these stories are United by one plot — Internet, virtuality, and sometimes we don’t notice the real human feelings and present reality.

And I must say, this is a wonderful indie dramathat shows all the most truthful online traps. Of course, everyone knows a show like “Black mirror”, where a caustic satire on virtuality, gadgets, social networking, and other progressive attributes. Does it sometimes in a humorous vein, originally fantasizing about the future. “There is no connection” is presented more as a parable. This is a very serious drama without its share of exaggeration or understatement about the dangers of the Internet. The action takes place in real time, without fiction, demonstrating the reality. But the picture does not do this moralistic and aggressively, it shows what can happen if you do that, what will be the consequences of it, etc. etc.

But not just one episode after the other and take turns. Some stories are so all interconnected. The film is, so to speak, has second bottom. And gives to ponder other social problems, even dealing with ordinary human life. Of course, the focus is on the virtuality and its components. From the very beginning to the culmination of all the episodes. But their share of the expressiveness of the film has. Speaking at the end of a very strong and important as each person is love. The concept of not just holding, she complemented the more interesting assonance images. The actors do an excellent job with their tasks. The characters spelled out in detail and in the end they experience catharsis. I think the experience they got and will never make mistakes in their naivety and stupidity, and what you want. After all, where there is network, there will be spiders. Keep this in mind.

New review: there is no Connection 15.12.2017

Поделиться в соц. сетях

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