New review: Three heroes and Shamahanskaya Queen 25.06.2017

And so it happened that until today, I hadn’t watched “Three heroes and Shamahanskaya Queen”. And here before to Express my impressions, a small remark: it is already known that the “Mill” with their heroes rolled” today. So I expected a lot worse. Having begun badly, “Shamahanskaya Queen” then take effect.

Really, the plot is so tight that it was done as if under duress. Like the creators didn’t know where to start. Yes, and handed it with the idea, as long as the Studio began pre-loading time.

But, what I have, not cut down with an ax. The chip itself will still go with the middle. With the Shamahanskaya Queen. Of course, antagonisti works. And here I am glad that the cartoon ceases to be trivial. It’s weird, but talking furious many times memorized phrases, the Queen is not straightforward! No, how to get from Prince of Kiev half the Kingdom is for the good, but its aim is quite different! Kiev needs the Queen because there is a native Russian beauty. And the Queen needs her tears in order to return the beauty. The enchantress Shamahanskaya walks with wrapped face and started the magic that will return it to its former…

And personality of the Queen, and through her children, are her eyes! She shoots a glance in its chosen male and he instantly falls in love with her. And caught the king. And the plot began to unfold when her coquetry and love that flash of brilliance is not enough to enchant Gaius Julius. (Not even going to hint at anything).

And then heroes go in order to end witchcraft. Needless to say that the brave three will wait in the path of the different hazards? It is so clear as day. In addition, the Queen has a humble servant in the face of crow!..

So, to summarize. The mill was shaken, but survived. It was a time when “the boat was still afloat”! Which is a pity. Studios really need fresh ideas. And they are already in short supply.

8 out of 10

New review: Three heroes and Shamahanskaya Queen 25.06.2017

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