New review: Three idiots 29.07.2016

This Council should follow Indian bollywood during the filming of national cinema. A statement I do so because Bollywood still there’s something missing; movie still is a childish and naive, and replayed to colic comical, but funny here are not themselves prepared jokes in the script, and the ones a bit silly looking from the side to end the ill-conceived situation. Immediately come to mind that came to us in elementary school. Stories such productions was simple: the villain is a loser, the girl, being in the “wrong hands” and then turning into “good”, and he is immutable and as always naively good main character.

The film “Three idiots” just did shows us the same situation in the Indian bollywood and the same situation that is shown to children in children’s theatres. But however, if you push aside some of the shortcomings of cinema of India, to close their eyes to the quality of the film itself, that is, “perekryvaet” Indian actors as well as to the naive kindness and almost impossible in the reality of the conditions and focus only on its concept and storyline, it turns out that the Indians know how to make good, and good movies.

The movie “Three idiots” tells us in a slightly ironic form always problems, difficulties about the choice of profession and calling in this world. Of course, it is very succinct and difficult, and this company, probably the most important moment of life, should be talent, personal tastes and preferences, but did, bringing the morality of this movie, not outside opinions. How the film interpreted the idea, boys and girls at the crossroads of his life must treat this matter very responsibly, so as not to have unfortunate consequences in the future — in learning and in career. The Director of the films, Rajkumar, Hirani, thoroughly chewed this truth and spit it out directly into the face of the viewer, forcing you to scrape it away and have a little think for some viewers in under about the near future, but for those who are older — about his past.

Will make you the most fatal, serious and binding choices in their favor; will you tuck you under the entire world to bear all the losses and the criticism, having gone through all the risks and costs and throwing all the cards finally make the way you wanted? Or all the same it is easier to accept and withdraw from the battlefield without a weapon? Can you find the path that will make you a person, and most importantly — happy?

New review: Three idiots 29.07.2016

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