New review: Time 19.06.2017

I love movies that stay with me. In my mind, in my emotions, in my heart, in the deep layers of consciousness. Who were forced to survive somewhere in the background, automatically — integrated in my experience as an individual, and become a part of me, upgradelog version of me. A movie that puts in my mind, in my life something new and valuable that allows me to open the curtain of the potential of themselves as an individual and man as a species. Anthropologically significant “hints” (notes, hints, clues). Movie giving me something that truly broadens the mind in a very profound way. Movie giving know yourself, know others, allowing the development of compassion in the Buddhist sense. The movie, which is a part of life — literally. The film as it leaves an imprint in my life.

Many of the above written lines randomly coincided with the banal. But, believe me, I give them immeasurable profound meaning.

The viewing of a film of Kim Ki Duka “Time” (2006), I set aside more than 2.5 years. Despite the participation of one of my favorite actors Ha John-based on a brief description, the story initially seemed too straight, so that didn’t even want to watch. And neaktulno for the immaturity of the characters. I prefer to look relevant to me personally films to get the maximum experience. However, last week I had a “session of Kim Ki Duka” and devour one film after another. Since most of the films already reviewed, I have decided to watch this, which turned abruptly in the first week of the beginning of his passion for Korean cinema over 2.5 years ago.

Though this film was not as fun for the viewer (but still was quite fascinating), just after I found myself in a very interesting condition. This was exactly the state is absorbing all of me (my emotions, my mind, my body, my thoughts, my opinion). Even unexpected for me, because for viewing the film pulled no more and no less than 6-arocco (and thanks to the beloved actor). But in the end, after the ending of the movie made it so I was in a certain condition, subjectively, most likely specifically expected by the Director. I love it when a movie drives me — it makes it as real — as though he permeates my life, from the screen to reality, where I am. It is literally a quantum leap. Therefore, when the film affect my condition — it’s fascinating in itself.

The ending made a huge impression. And not in itself as such (I’ve got used to unexpected reversals in Korean cinema), and its integral effect. If “there were no signs of rain” and suddenly, like a bolt from the blue… But the ending cannot be viewed separately from the process (just the process) watching the movie as a whole, because without the observation of such a clear sky, the storm would not make such a sudden experience. But the storm was powerful. Powerful enough to enter my brain in a loop thinking/panic promotion of the plot and panic attempts to build novopashenny piece of the puzzle in his picture in the mind. It was confusing. Pleasure. Thank you, Mr. Kim Ki IPod (I would like to use the correct transcription of the name, it would be a good sign, and that we are the barbarians).

8 out of 10

New review: Time 19.06.2017

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