New review: Time first 25.06.2017

For Yuri Bykov, the film — Commerce. It definitely traced the characteristics of his directing work, but there is a full commitment and a lot of overtures to the entertainment movie. Techniques, that uses film, rather primitive, worked on hundreds of times, and order deteriorated. Yes, and the film being based on real events, allows himself to handle the events of unreal.

In the early 60’s, when the two superpowers competed in pussy, like a 5-year-olds, the question was: who was the first out into space? On the side of the Americans, was pragmatism and prudence, coupled with the principles to bring everything to the ideal. On the Russian side — an obsession to be the first fearlessness combined with recklessness, three icons on the panel and the traditional Russian “maybe a ride” as a cheat code from all troubles. The main thing to take off, and there see what’s what…

The film has managed to implement the ideological guide, and the visual. Moreover, it does not look Pro-Soviet. The plot revolves around wanting to shift from the scoop even in space, the personalities. Only here the actors as it is not caught. Mironov and Knightley play is quite basic, exactly as in the other films. Ilyin singled out only, and not the one who Lobanov. I am glad that good graphics, although sometimes of course, there are cartoons. Good camera work, almost entered the order of things for our movie. Overall, “first Time” looks delicious and expensive.

In the end, have fun for potsreotov, but a good movie about people in space flying in the troughs, but with enthusiasm. The film tells the real story, but in the language of modern cinema, so, be prepared for the hyperbole, drama, and other artistic adjustments.

New review: Time first 25.06.2017

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