New review: Time to kill 05.10.2017

American writer John Grisham is the founder of this literary genre, as a legal Thriller. In such works, the author focuses the main attention on the work of the justice system and the correctness of its decisions. As a former lawyer, John Grisham has accumulated great experience in the field that helped him in writing his novels. His books have become international bestsellers and been adapted. Movies from his books also were very popular and earned good reviews from both ordinary viewers and professional critics.

Before us is the screen adaptation of his debut and most popular novel “Time to kill”. The author wrote it under the impression of a real trial, in which he was involved during his law practice. Before us is a picture, taken at the junction of several genres. This is a legal and criminal Thriller, and courtroom drama all in one. The writer has produced and personally supervised the filming process. And therefore came very close adaptation of the book for the big screen.

The tape touches on a classic for the American society of problems. The story has important themes: racism and related prejudices, questions of law and fair justice. The film was accused of promoting violence, because the plot followed a well-known principle of”an eye for an eye”, it has led to serious criticism of the filmmakers. However, the authors were able to explore very deeply affected subjects. But because the long duration of two and a half hours goes unnoticed and does not cause boredom, even considering the fact that it is mainly spoken drama. Throughout the action, we see the intense struggle not just for the fate of one particular person, but for the honor of a child who is a victim of bandits.

The overall picture continues the tradition of the cult of strips of the past. Notable references and borrowing from such seminal works as “to Kill a Mockingbird” in 1962 and “Mississippi burning” in 1988. The film develops the themes raised in these works, but he does it in his game. To create a more intolerant atmosphere, the action takes place in one of the most racist state of Mississippi.

The cast is rich in famous names. A young Matthew McConaughey first appeared in a dramatic role. It was the first major role in the career of the actor and it made him a star of world level. He proved that he has great dramatic flair, and his final speech in the courtroom was the strongest episode of the film. Loved Sandra bullock is appealing as a confident and extremely attractive appearance. Samuel L. Jackson has made tremendous empathy the person that given his qualification was expected. Well, the second plan in the face of such masters as Kevin spacey, Kiefer Sutherland and his father Donald Sutherland, successfully complete them.

Time to kill this is a tense, atmospheric, hard and honest judicial Thriller on the one hand and life, tragic drama on the other. The picture touches upon a deep reservoir of public and moral moral issues, makes a strong impression and gives much food for thought.

8 out of 10

New review: Time to kill 05.10.2017

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