New review: Tiny 29.07.2016

Original title of the film “Jailbait” is a compound of two words — jail — “prison” and the bait — 1), “bait”, “bait”; 2) “the temptation” 3) “to bait, to harass”. Most likely, the authors meant the third option — “Prison bullying.”

The main part of the story deals with Anne’s stay in prison. For this part of the film and evaluated by the audience who pay attention to the excessive naturalism and violence in the depiction of prison life and customs. We also discuss the physiological parameters of the actress Sarah Malakul lane, who plays 16-year-old girl. But the main thing is not noticed: the movie “Jailbait” refers to the number of socio-psychological dramas on the subject of the formation of the human being in extremely adverse conditions of life. Therefore, without the naturalism and violence in this film do not. Otherwise, prison for juveniles would be similar to the camp of work and rest for troubled Teens.

The authors of the film teetering on the brink, which starts it is unlawful to display, and thereby reach the required drama in the deployment of the story, keep the viewer in suspense, not entertainment and more — are forced to empathize, to feel the feelings and thoughts of the depicted character. This is the undoubted merits of the scenario.

10 out of 10

New review: Tiny 29.07.2016

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