New review: Titanic 30.07.2017

Perhaps my perception will seem subjective, but otherwise Express the experience difficult.

The spectacular romantic film, which I heard about everything. To some it seems too sentimental or too primitive, someone reverently admires her.

For me personally, “Titanic” is something out of fashion, time and space. The immortal classic that will always be held in high esteem.

In 1997, the picture just blew up the world. Got a huge hype: all shops, bazaars, booths were filled with Souvenirs, t-shirts, a variety of things with images of heroes. Came crazy Dicaprionude. Young girls just dreamed of Leo, collecting his photos, portraits, newspaper clippings.

Such popularity is understandable. A colossal budget, recoup rentals dozens of times, huge sets, magnificent crowd scene. And removed all that was before the dawn of high technology. The film has collected a record number of Oscars (11 awards), lost only three categories, making James Cameron’s most successful film Director of our time.

Movie is completely based on real events that occurred on 14 April 1912, which became the largest Maritime disaster in the history of mankind. The Grand liner “Titanic” made its first ill-fated flight from UK to USA. But after a collision with a huge iceberg, sank in cold and impenetrable waters of the North Atlantic.

Rose is a beautiful girl travelling in the first class cabin, accompanied by her prudish mother and wealthy fiance. It would seem, for such girls, it should be a nice cruise with magnificent feasts, dancing and a light breeze caressing your skin. But her life is not so cloudless: she gasps in hypocritical bourgeois world, full of feigned politeness and false smiles. She’s sick of their snobbery, complacency, contempt for the less influential and wealthy. She loathes her future husband, and ready to make any rash decisions, if only to avoid an imposed marriage.

And then found a boyfriend — a real, alive, with a sparkle of light inside, accepting her for who she is. How can you not fall in love?

Jack is a hapless tramp, a talented self-taught artist. Cheerful, natural, free like the wind, capable of heroic feats.

Despite social inequality, young people are inadvertently converging. Gradually, in spite of everything and everyone breaks out between them love is pure and self-sacrificing, sincere and gentle, ardent and passionate, so when parting even for a moment causes unbearable suffering.

Here clearly the difference between these feelings and private-proprietary, self-centered motives in the relationship between Rose and her mate.

Of course, I do not Stanislavsky, but I can confidently say: “Believe!”. The Duo of Leonardo DiCaprio and charming Kate Winslet is gorgeous. The actors conveyed all the emotions of trepidation and excitement. Individual admiration for the virtuoso playing of Leo. Thanks to this role, his star began to sparkle, and earned great fame and a large army of fans.

Of the actors also played Billy Zane and Kathy Bates.

There is no extra character or a random episode. And thus, besides the main lines there are many side, intertwining in a single, perfect pattern.

How scary were those who knew that the ship is doomed, that death is inevitable. Touched by an elderly couple, who prefer death together, arm in arm, not trying to snatch from life a few years; mother, put the kids to bed and soothing them with tales at a time as half the ship was already under water; the dedicated members of the orchestra, who, even amidst the chaos continued to play, trying to soften a mad panic on Board; crew members evacuating the passengers, knowing that they themselves there is not enough space. They cause a genuine admiration of their courage will not run, in their eyes there is pain and hopelessness, but there is no animal, the animal desire to survive at any cost. These heroes have real prototypes. Boggles the mind how hard fussy you have to be to remain indifferent to them.

The deep bosom of the ocean buried representatives of completely polar social classes: how pathetic the rich and ordinary poor. And the survivors will forever remain moral cripples, floating away, away from his freezing people. Often when it comes to saving life, come out the basest qualities: cowardice, betrayal, cowardice, greed, greed. Only extraordinary circumstances, misfortunes and woes show the true face of man, tearing down all the masks.

The ship is surrounded by hundreds of legends. Many scientists have investigated a series of fateful coincidences, like if he turned aside for a few seconds before the shock could have been avoided. It was absolutely fantastic version of that ship was drowned intentionally. But most importantly, the tragedy touched many and still is haunted.

The creators conceived the “Titanic” as a great, invincible symbol of the power of man, embodied in the metal — call any force of nature. It was called the ship of dreams, “unsinkable” ship. Feel an indescribable feeling of horror when you see how luxurious the liner break in two, uttering creepy tin rattle, and is sinking rapidly into the depths of the ocean as a grave for a thousand helpless passengers. Unthinkable, how many broken lives!

Do not be lazy to watch a documentary about the real crash. There reveals the many nuances that are like a chain — one after the other — resulted in the inevitable outcome (since joining the deck to be lowered into the boat). After such paintings begin to understand how futile and puny efforts to cope with relentless and harsh elements.

The film cannot be called an accepted masterpiece, because there is a layer of critics and common people, scolding him for his excessive pomposity and slowness. However, after 20 years since the premiere of his continue to discuss and review. He’s like a good expensive wine, it only gets tastier and more valuable.

All the basic criteria, prevailing scoring brilliantly executed: the whole story, a detailed description of the events, the abundance to Wade the depths of the soul moments, incredible visuals, skilled cinematography, combined panoramic photography, stunning scenery, perfectly recreated interior, luxurious costumes, the skill of the artists and makeup. Every detail conveys the spirit of the time.

Not to mention the music: the divine soundtrack by James Horner, adapted chic song Celine Dion “My heart will go on”.

In the end, we face a powerful, Titanic work of the Director. One of the most seminal paintings of incredible magnitude, who became known to world cinema.

Strongly recommend those who have not watched (if they exist).

10 out of 10

New review: Titanic 30.07.2017

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