New review: to Kill a Mockingbird 01.08.2016

The film is an adaptation of the book of Haper Lee’s “to Kill a Mockingbird” and it turned out to be much good. Well balanced presentation of the discrimination of blacks and the children’s ease. Film that time has become a cult in an era of racism, he simply tore the stamps.

We are talking about a young lawyer Atticus Finch, who has to raise her two children. Atticus is the best character in this closed set of features that make it so diverse hero. He’s noble, he’s kind, he considered. Atticus demonstrates neguinho strength of character, but with considerable restraint. The power and kindness. He throws all his strength into the battle for the seemingly basic virtues that are so dear to him. He is in court, a colored man, who is accused of beating a young girl and even though all the evidence shows his innocence, but it happens in the development of unfavorable Russkie times and not so easy to convince a jury to take such arguments into consideration. Atticus does not only represent him, but does so with pride, while all means of defending the defendant, with all the honor, elegance and dignity. He’s doing all this despite the fact that many of the residents do not support it, and some openly despise and directly threaten his life.

But when he appears in court you will notice that he doesn’t doubt every word of what he said and soul shows the seriousness of their intentions.

Atticus strongly believes that life is all one and encourages everyone to talk sensibly. He is forced to talk to adults like children and children like adults.

The film is very heartfelt, I recommend it.

New review: to Kill a Mockingbird 01.08.2016

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