New review: to Survive at any cost 26.09.2017

“To survive at any cost” — a program that demonstrates various techniques and guidelines to help survive a person in the wilderness with extreme conditions.

Despite the fact that the show with the same sense for a long time already was on the Discovery channel and channels occupying the same thematic niche, the program “to Survive at any cost” began to gain popularity, surpassing them all. Known transmission quickly spread beyond the target audience of the channel, becoming popular in many countries and recognizable among people who were not the audience Discovery.

Data success Beara Grylls is a famous traveller, owner of many world records in the field of extreme sports and tourism, past service in the elite British special forces (SAS), in which he acquired the necessary knowledge and skills for survival in emergency situations. Being an extraordinary person and having enough charisma, Bear was able to get the love of the public and to acquire the image of the “main survivalist extreme of all the world”.

The main feature of the program “to Survive at any cost” is a situation in which lead goes from which he must escape, showing by example how to survive in the given scenario. They were special because, unlike other gear, was really dangerous to life, and the ways out of them, shown Baharom, had, as a rule, radical.

So why a review is not positive?

Yes, because the transfer has positioned itself as a guide to survival in the real-threat situations (of course, not without insurance in extreme cases), which lead on the skin is going through all the dangers and solves problems on the spot using a minimal set of tools. Virtually no editing of footage, capturing events as they occur, leaving over only the moments where nothing happens. Not pulling out “the piano out of the bushes” and appearance in the narrative of the release of “God from the machine”.

The point is, in fact, behind the scenes is lot of going on that affect is shown in the editions of the event, and all the realism of extreme situation simulated. In reality, this pseudo-vigevanese show in which the leading a couple of times torment themselves on camera jumping into the icy water, and having made traditional from release to release of the meal we washed it down with with feces from urine. And whether “to Survive at any cost” regular show, which is open all fakes extreme situation, the claim would not have any. But..! the creators and leading initially mislead the viewer, giving a trick event as occurring in and of themselves, random. But the most dangerous thing in the absence of bright or interesting material or just because of the reluctance to strain, as in real events, creates a false situation under decision prepared by the program team. Real Cribs and tips for specific locations and situations are not covered. And when the creators, absolutely putting his bolt, began to organize absolutely absurd holds, denying all after the shameful revelations and zealously arguing that all of this, it has become clear that this is not a transfer and not a program, but a real show, and Bear Grylls is not as steep and harsh, and what wants to appear.

Yet, despite this, early looking “to Survive at any cost”, not knowing about the sheer affectedness of what is happening, I felt a lot of pleasure. And in the early editions was made much harder, with no complaints.

Half of the points show deserved

5 out of 10

New review: to Survive at any cost 26.09.2017

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