New review: top secret 17.06.2017

Amazing film, on viewing which took me no less, and the whole day is so stressful in this story, a dark and oppressive atmosphere and some special piercing for me acting. In some moments I had to stop watching, to breathe, to recover and drink a Cup of tea to calm down, so the action is addictive, and most importantly, thanks to the fantastic procedure displayed on the screen, can achieve such a stunning effect of the presence of which in any three-D cinema does not get it.

I anime and manga, on the motives which created this movie, I honestly didn’t see it, because I do not compare with the glory of God! Liked the movie — interesting and intricate plot that does not relax, and the characters themselves nominally from the positive main characters, that is to say employees of the mysterious ninth division, gear hobbing new technology investigation, to negative, presented here in the most disgusting light. The Japanese do know how to make a movie about the threat of the crazies, in some incomprehensible way, combining aversion to them and still showing them some kind of vicious, repulsive and dark appeal, forcing with a fearful sinking of the heart to monitor their action. The main antagonists of the film, the same Kinuko, a puppet of mystery puppet master hiding in the dark behind the scenes post-mortem, and terrifying to anyone not lucky enough to look into his soul, so attractive and insane, that does not leave indifferent anybody who came across it — investigators hate it, other men want her, she is scared of nobody and nothing, and so clever that it seems elusive. not surprisingly, the puppeteer opted for it, passing the goddess of death his terrible torch. Two crazy kids found each other and found a common goal and obsession, becoming stronger bony with a crutch.

This couple is the contrast between the two detectives — recently came to the police and promising Aoki and the commander of the ninth division of the Maquis. Both officers are young, beautiful, smart and ambitious. And both behind a heavy past. Here only to deal with him guys differently. Aoki throws his pain while sparring in physical pain, Maki prefers to lock it deep inside, pulling on a mask of grim coldness and detachment from everything, but not always it succeeds.

This role, in my Amateur opinion, at the moment one of the best works Ikuti Toms. Psychos and the detectives he knows how to play, it is good, and I still to pain in the heart what a pity, that he at one time proposed to play a genius Yagami light, who in the performance of the Toms would be great! But part of my dream came true when I saw That in the image of the Poppies — if not the universal longing in the eyes of the Maquis and this emotional fragility of the character, visible even behind a thick shield of ice-cold calm, it would have come out perfect light. I liked that in spite of the demonstrated lack of affect, his cool detachment and Maki, Ikuta some unimaginable way manages to convey a raging in the soul of a detective passion. In the scene with the criminal psychiatrist, who once observed our antagonists, at the time of the conversation with this vile man Maki absolutely calm outwardly, not a single muscle wavered on the stone face, but the audience still feels the desire of the police to beat to death the talking rat in the open poteshaushihsya over the impotence of the detective. Just no words how good they are going to play. And these are firmly linked hands behind your back straight, too much talking about the nature of the character. And that’s just my character talking, and in the film these characters-mysteries enough — of rats from the psychology to the beautiful girls of the pathologist.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of costume designers, so many beautiful and simply stylish men’s suits I have never seen. Not only that, they sit well on the actors, and the actors know how to wear them, and these few places in the films is found. I thank them very much.

In General, I will say that this movie should be required to watch the fans of Ikuta Toms, and optional — everyone else who likes a good detective story with elements of psychological Thriller.

New review: top secret 17.06.2017

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