New review: total Recall again 20.09.2017

Intriguing science fiction about a scientist widow of Gordon Dunn, who has not managed to present her landmark work, a device that can record and playback memories. With the invention and with the support of an unlikely friend, the heroine finds out the truth about the mysterious death of her husband

The film is a combination of a detective and the art house. “Remember again” can be roughly ^the first and the third about the device, which can record and playback memories. The second partb contains a detective film line. While browsing you might think that the protagonist scientist Gordon Dunn, and in fact, is a character in the background Samuel Bloom — Modeler. Film directed by Mark Palansky character Samuel Bloom acts as a narrator, whose voice I hear and whose eyes we, the audience, leads the event. It’s a pretty good audition. The second point of the movie is the symbolism of water. Samuel Bloom in the rain lost my brother in the shower gave another. Throughout the film are near the water. The surface of the river absorbed the models of people made Samuelem attached to the platform. It became a symbolism of the sad memories of the death of his brother absorbed the surface of the water. And there was relief.

Although the film directed by Mark Palansky interesting detective fiction unhurried thoughtful, and filled with atmosphere. I want to mention the commercial component of the film is aimed at a different audience. Component of success was taken the sci-Fi Thriller “the Limit” 2015 year, but in another way corrupted accents. Image smart head role was given to the Negro, and his assistant was a white American to reach a large audience. Was also taken from the TV series the theme of memories, which slipped 10 series, and became the movie “total Recall again.” But the big bet was made by the Director to the actor Peter Dilinja received wide popularity after the role of Tyrion Lannister, who played “Remember again” a friend of the widow of the scientist Gordon Dunn. Such commercial success was taken for a reason. After Peter Dinklage played in the first season of “Game of thrones” Tyrion Lannister got the part sci-Fi action movie “the Limit” 2015 where he played Arthur Rassi — specialist in linguistics and applied mathematics. Expert in the translation of the conversation between the aliens. the guy’s a genius. (a drunkard and a lover stripteasers). In the movie “Remember again” the sexual component is removed, and left the item in alcoholic beverages. It shows the episode Samuel Bum when he” the widow of the brought to visit whiskey, and between the characters struck up a friendship.

The climax of the film is revealed in the episode Samuel Bloom from the premises of the narrator and opens the door and leads the endless cloudy sky. It is not probable space. In this episode, actor Peter seems higher than it really is. The film rests on the actor Peter Dinklage, a talented and charismatic actor. New role well recreated the Peter Dinklage. Film directed by Mark Palansky “to Remember again” in 2017 a new stage in the role of an actor after “Game of thrones” and the science fiction series “the Limit” 2015.

From watching the trailer was expecting something else, but not disappointed. I thought it would be dynamic, and the Director made daily. While watching the film I had the feeling that a similar plot is seen somewhere. Despite the fact the film was in the background, I felt rested.

Thank you M. Jackson for this film Peter you hit the road to film.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of the operator and the editor. Praise them. A good film definitely worth watching. Although the artistic significance of film I don’t recommend for viewing. For the work” Jane McRae, Tyler Nelson and

operator Gregory Megatonne.

7 out of 10

New review: total Recall again 20.09.2017

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