New review: touch and go 10.06.2017

So, how would you react upon hearing about the existence of the film in which the main complication of the plot would look similar to the following: people attack zombies. At first glance banal, but then it still join the vampires. And when nothing strange occur it should not, on the Ground suddenly, at the same time, decided to attack the aliens. And the people have to unite with vampires and zombies in order to repel the aliens. Yeah, sounds like the plot to an incredibly insane thrash of the film. But it at least looks curious enough to immediately sit down.

And because the beginning does not portend trouble. The guy with the girl trying to escape from the vampires, but then bumps into a zombie and the result begins an incredible chopper. And that’s when you kind of know what fell in love with this movie, there is a frustration. We start showing that preceded the events shown in the beginning of the film. And we find out that it turns out that the action takes place in a small town and in it… humans, zombies and vampires live in the world. Vampire sold in stores the blood, along with food for people. Zombie can quite comfortably walk the streets, if you wear special collars, beating their shock if one of them decides to eat the brains (which are not in special cans that they bring in their reservation, and in human skulls). Of course, all three looking at each other not too fond of, but nonetheless live in relative peace. And then the following questions arise. Where did vampires and zombies? Why do they live in peace with people? And the film does not give answers to them. No even a hint on why the world in this film is what it is. At this point you begin to realize that you more interesting answers to these questions, further than the events of the film.

But then worse. To begin acquaintance with the main characters. And they, one embodiment of all teenage problems. Doug is in love with a girl, but she in an emphasis does not notice. Peter is worried about his first sexual experience with a vampire (well, thank you Twilight, once again proved that cinema from your influence will never be washed). Well, ned’s relationship problems with his father and learning (despite the fact that he’s incredibly smart) has reached such a climax that he decided to become zombies, as their brains also do not care about anything and he also doesn’t want to worry about these issues. And about 30 minutes of the film just focuses on these problems. I certainly understand that you need the characters to reveal, and it kind of helps, but I simply started to forget what movie I’m watching. Instead of thrash, I see the normal teenage drama. And I didn’t want this.

But fortunately, the film quickly remembers that he should be like and finally introduces aliens. And here begins the best part of this film. Vampires, zombies and people decided in the backdrop of the chaos caused by the arrival of aliens to find out the relationship between them. Starts excellent grinder filled with choice of black humor, where I decided that this is it. Why I have this movie and decided to watch. But it quickly ends and begins again teenage drama. Now our main characters finally met, and they decided to unite to repel the aliens. Only the writer decided that it is necessary to develop their relationship, in the style of such movies. Doug falls in love with Peter, who became a vampire, and besides, it turned out that he and ned were once friends and now need to touch upon this subject. And in these moments, already finally forget that look for the film, despite the fangs of Petra and the dead as ned. As a result, the resistance to the aliens they give. But it was implemented very poorly and just good humor save the situation.

But despite the fact that I described the movie in such a negative light, “Grab and run” is not such a bad film. In addition to a good battle on 3 sides and a good black humor that I laughed throughout the movie, he is able to please the good acting. Nicholas Braun, Mackenzie Davis and Josh Fadem coped with their roles quite well, despite the fact that are not very well-known actors. The secondary structure also is able to please. Curious and quite the controversial character played by Denis Leary, the film you can see Bob Odenkirk, famous for his wonderful playing Saul Goodman in “breaking bad” and sister of John kusaka, Joan. Besides, the movie is quite a good social satire, and visual effects in the film, do not cause irritation.

Thus, the recommendation on this film will not. So, look at your own risk. For me personally, this film will be the usual disappointment.

New review: touch and go 10.06.2017

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