New review: transformers: Last knight 23.06.2017

The first part of Transformers was interesting and unusual, in my opinion. The second is close to a masterpiece. Incredible dynamics plot, great special effects and is still a no, and a good story line with an interesting history. And then… to Change the course of events of the fifth part of the franchise?

After the first two parts of Transformers was released, which was where it went disorder. The plot was already boring, Megan Fox also ceased to be. Well, one is bad the third part? Then came the long and boring transformers 4, which was not already and the main character — Shia LaBeouf. He was replaced by actor mark Wahlberg and the story seems to be reborn… but not successfully. The film was very long and very boring, it mixed action and special effects for the kiss these goodbye, but as we already showed Star Wars on some special effects will not leave, the story, the plot — is also important and should be. And here was the trouble.

And here come the trailers of the fifth part of Transformers that many viewers initially skeptical. And wow. In direct trailers show us something incredible for the franchise, which is close to the second part. Optimus Prime becomes evil? Bumblebee Killed?! Transformers now against humanity and are eager to revive their planet, no matter what? That’s right FIRE what the idea! This can be a drama, the kind of momentum to build that even his eyes lit up and a burning desire to get into film.

Oh, five here, comrade, which is trailer mounted and what WOULD HAVE to be a transformers 5… And shame-the shame of Michael Bay, and especially the whole bunch of writers, who wrote IT HERE.. it would be Better trusted shooting friend that trailer and had pictures from the movie, even the trailer, false advertising, and introduces the viewer astray.

Guys, the situation is such that transformers 5 is just topic in the graph INCOMPETENT writers. From the cool to the idea shown in the trailers, there is nothing at all. There is a kind of a cross between all the worst films of recent years. Something of a cross between Independence Day 2, any badly filmed the historical film from the category of king Arthur and others, and a little from don’t even know what a failed detective spyware to give an example, to complete the picture, as even the last James Bonds seem to be more interesting in the background…

As a joke after the presentation of the Transformers 5, which went immediately after the match between Russia and Portugal football: what I don’t like the game the Russian Team in the first half, or transformers 5? Of course transformers. You know how bad it is, right? But I genuinely was into the second part of the franchise.

Dumb and very crooked inscribed historical story about ludwinow and the Knights of the Round Table. Boring like a detective story, which attracted Anthony Hopkins (why he went to this show?!). But… But Laura haddock was so cool made-up that I have many times gazed at and remembered, whether in the list of actors of the same Megan Fox? Well, because too much similar.

By the way, with their roles and Laura, and young Izabela Moner managed direct well. But the behavior of the Transformers… the impression that the movie is rated 14-. That is, persons under 15 years of Transformers 5 watch just is prohibited by law. For the level of communication, slang, jokes — just at the level described above age group. A wild nightmare.

Oh, and about Michael Bay. Special effects, explosions, the film will of course fully. But here, Bay aging. The manner of shooting is not the best, blended into a kind of rumbling mess, where the eye does not catch hold, plus so many explosions that they are too quickly bored and frankly starting to tire.

Result. It makes no sense to go watch a movie. And at home — a dubious pleasure to view. It is better to revise the first and second parts of the franchise. They are more interesting, more dynamic, more logical and more fun. There you have it.

3 out of 10

New review: transformers: Last knight 23.06.2017

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