New review: transformers: Last knight 23.06.2017

Michael Bay is a bad Director. No action, no skill, no taste. How many of his films didn’t look all was just making her desire to punch myself in the head. Transformers is no exception. If the first film at least was new, and not so miserable, then deductible slid lower and lower, until you literally hit rock bottom. All parts pursued the same problem — Michael Bay. No, Bay is a good music video Director. Do nicely he. But measures he has not. The abundance of slowmo and action, the lack of good characters and good acting, constant explosions and loads of pathos. And it’s still in great timing. During the fourth tape, thought I’d die an honorable death. So why do these films collect cash? Really, very interesting. The fourth film had suddenly collected a billion! And now we have another billion tapes created to advertise toys.

Anyway, this movie at least gave me pleasure. You ask: how? I went to poor the film, I realized that now would be horror, trash and sodomy, and of him I received. The only difference is that in the 4th part there was an awful lot of pathos, all the jokes were so lame that even too, and the acting caused vomiting. Here at least is fit suteki. A little, but there. I, at least, they were fun. No, it’s not humor scale by Edgar Wright. It’s just a good suteki. Well, even I was pleased with the effects, but this time the cgi is sometimes bulged and was flawed. How so? The only thing a lot of people love the transformers effects. No, for the most part, they are incredible, massive, detailed and beautiful, sometimes odd hack hack.

Otherwise, some negative. Starting with the ever-changing scale of the image before mounting. Let’s poryadochku. What was the resolution? It certainly can trouble the movie, but looked like an attempt to make the effect a La “Life of PI”, where the change of formats the movie in 3D looked incredibly realistic. But I have not watched in 3D and I felt the constant discomfort. But Oh well. Mounting is the main problem of the film. I’m so poor the installation in mass movie not seen in a long time. I don’t know how, why, how, but the next frame may negate the previous one, the dialogues are mixed in porridge, sometimes happening on the screen raises questions: What happens? How? Why? Where? When? Where? Where? From half of the events is unclear. Then the characters. Them here a dime a dozen. Story lines 4 to 6. Half not need, to third, eventually scoring themselves, the authors, and the rest of the main character. What you promised in the trailers are in the trailers. The scene is almost complete and the film that we were promised is not enough. This is certainly good, since the trailers didn’t spoiler, but the film from it became better not. Somewhere else Delhi normal voice Prime. He sounded awful. And, by the way. I didn’t understand half of what they say robots, because there is such robovoice. But maybe that’s just my problem. And of course the icing on the cake — the film begins and ends in the same way as all the other parts. The plot is where it comes alive, the devil understand how Megatron and the whole world to hunt for Transformers. And ends with the pathetic appeal of Optimus to all Autobots. Original.

In the film, the overabundance of superfluous and unnecessary scenes, useless subplots, slowmo, nonsense, illogic, innuendo, and useless heroes, slowmo, action, etc., etc. Oh, and there’s a lot of slowmo. For example, remember we were fed shots of where the action takes place during the second world war? So this is the film for 1 minute and it’s an attempt at humor. How much is an attempt worth, I imagine. And this villain that even the to uncover forgotten in all this confusion. But the logic. And the connection with the previous films. To put all of this bolt. And if to summarize. “Transformers: the Last Knight”, unfortunately, is clearly not the last. Thinking about it I realized that this is the worst film in the franchise. Illogical, crazy, oversaturated, poorly assembled, poorly played, but the actors are also not distinguished, and there are no characters to Shine, horribly written and poorly directed horror. But I had fun. Don’t know how it happened. To me the film is boring, but the pleasure I have experienced. Suggest? Yes, God forbid. In any case it is not necessary to watch this game and bring them money! Better go with “Cars” as they go. But it does not go!

PS the dragon is cool, but it is not enough. Alas.

3 out of 10

New review: transformers: Last knight 23.06.2017

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