New review: transformers: Last knight 23.06.2017

So, the new part of transformers from Michael Bay.

I have to say that see this film and all its parts as child, so my review will not be as critical as could be!

Michael Bay cannot change himself. It was like the old times!

First, a bunch of cool cars, and it’s one of the pluses of the film. Nice to still see the beauty.

The main character — a simple guy from a nation that saves the world with his friends transformers.

The main character is a typical woman of the Michael Bay films: with doll-like appearance, Breasts turvy, but this time, she is also ridiculously smart, and this is something new in the story.

The film is full with a pile of ridiculous, stamped jokes. But, mind you, almost not a drop of vulgarity, respectively, can safely recommend watching the movie to children, but do not worry if the kids these jokes do not understand.

From a fat pluses of this film is the presence of Anthony Hopkins. For me it remains a mystery why he agreed to this role, but it is very beneficial in her looks, shines with style and humor. And among other things, for me personally, affect the musical abilities of his Butler.

Can not leave indifferent and the camera work. It is on top, but I it caused hysterical laughter. Each frame is a collection of cliches. I’m afraid to even imagine how the Director created each of them: the main character in the sunset…the face in soot…deep breaths…epic music…the glare of the sun… and went on a tear… Typical Michael Bay.

What is really frustrating in this film is the editing. Well, he just will not do. Comes to mind is Gretchen (Irwin Shaw “Rich man, poor man”) which could create from any recruitment candy. In this case it is just a set of frames: inconsistent, illogical, with lots of inconsistencies. When trying to understand what was happening, my head just goes round and round.

The plot of the film is something unimaginable. I’d like to look into the eyes of the man who proposed to distort the history of mankind in his own for this film style. And I don’t want to say that it’s fantastic! Need to be modest! Not a fact, but one of the reasons for creating such a story, I think the film guy Ritchie with a free presentation of the legend of the knights of the round table. Sure, Michael Bay just decided that his retelling of this legend will be more insane.

In General, I want to say that watching this film in the cinema on the big screen, not mandatory, though if I had to watch it in the theater, I’m unlikely to be able to follow the plot of this film more than ten seconds. The film captures right from the first seconds! But, I have already mentioned that consider the film to children, consequently the children it is possible to be happy, and so I put it as the film for prepubertal.

6 out of 10

New review: transformers: Last knight 23.06.2017

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