New review: transformers: Last knight 24.06.2017

The new transformers is definitely a significant day in the cinema. Dozens of individuals will present his creation to the General public, carpet is filled with hundreds of shoes of different guests, and Michael Bay once again makes the statement that the new transformers is his last film in the franchise. After “Age of extinction” his participation in the following movies tape was really unwelcome. Hired writers, headed by Akiva Goldsman had to give the series something that it has never been — a reasonable scenario.

Every legend has a beginning. Time of the transformers on Earth began in 484 BC. King Arthur with his army waging a bloody war. Preparing for the final battle, Arthur tells his men not to enter the battle ahead of time. He believes in magic, which he imposed Merlin. The man who became the first who made contact with an alien civilization. When two of the world found common ground, overshadowed by the current events in the present. Was it worth while Merlin to reveal the secret that was kept for a very long time? Whether he did that disobeyed the Council from the elders of the Transformers?

Meanwhile, in the present, people continue to hunt transformers. Cade Yeager is on the run. Since that time, Cade has become a legend. Continuing to save the transformers, Cade earned popularity among those who support them, not Vice versa. But every beginning has its end. The end of Jaeger’s — a fixed amount in the column “remuneration for the head.” The end of the Earth — Kvintessa approaching the planet with Cyberteam and the leader of the Autobots. Its goal is the extermination of a stranger to her planet to save her own. She is ready for everything for the life of the beloved planet.

At the stage of post-production there were many rumours about who will be the actual antagonist of the tape, along with Megatron. Unicron, Kvintessa, Optimum Prime… Kvintessa was the one about whom they say “two hares at a time”. The Creator of Optimus Prime, whose world was destroyed by the war. Kvintessa, possessing great power, Optimus blames the destruction of her native land. Her motives may seem to many, not stupid. She’s not thrilled that the war was the devastation to the planet. Petite, subservient transformer proves that her world is a little more than emptiness. For Cybertron, for the soul that she put into her own world, she is ready to avenge anyone who dares to nominate to the available space.

Michael Bay, that not knowing has made in his film what many have called a “two in one”. Judge for yourself, there is almost everything: Medieval war (“the Sword of King Arthur”), clichés in the form of “Curious teenagers who think they are unpunished” is, the villain, uniting the efforts with the government is, the strained relationship of the two partners is, the hero, has defected to a villain — there. All this did not spoil the perception of the film, but rather the opposite, allows to feel the atmosphere and reminisce about these things in other films. Again leaving the franchise, Michael Bay was supposed to jump above their heads and finally much to slam the door. Beat effects last part, Bay, no doubt, surprised many in the “Last knight”. The main part focuses on the final battle and the battle itself, as, in fact, special effects are kept to a minimum. To replace them came the fascinating stories of sir Edmund, exciting chases in cars and travel across the ocean in search of staff. But despite all the pluses, the script continues to spread stupidity and insanity. Plaiting into the picture a lot of unnecessary characters like Isabela of Moner and Jerrod Carmichael takes precious time that could be used in times of need. Having missed the last part of Josh Duhamel and John Turturro also brings avaricious nostalgic tear, which was published, they appear on the screen.

Vivienne Wembley is a young British Professor with various awards for their success. After leaving the franchise, Megan Fox picture lost the main character of the female face. Quickly hired in the third part of model Rosie-Huntington-Wiley had to replace Megan at least the external sexuality. But it is worth to remind that in the movie the main game and not the looks? Rosie, as if she was trying to do, played disgusting, sometimes showing just a terrible game with useless emotions. In the “Era” came Nicola Peltz. “Bates Motel”, “Master of elements” — Nicole was the protagonist in both films. But repeating the fate of Rosie, the young actress quickly received a barrage of criticism in his side. Finally, came the turn of the fifth part and turn in surprise. For the lead actress was hired Laura haddock. The girl, not inferior in appearance Rosie, and have common features with Megan, had to do that failed their predecessors to win the attention of a female person.

Fortunately, she succeeded. Charisma, shimmering with arrogance, what Laura goes on the attack with his heroine Vivien. As a representative of the highest order, Laura recognizes those who by status is below. As historicanada, Laura wants to help sir Edmund in a dangerous mission. It willingly not to be quickly impresses viewers, which, of course, is a plus for the entire franchise.

Sir Edmund (Anthony Hopkins), the Keeper of the great secrets of Merlin, becomes the curator of Cade and Vivienne. After the release of the trailer had a lot of concerns about the role of Hopkins in the film. Pathetic old man living in his own house — such a course of events very few people could like. But things turned out differently. The pathos that sets out sir Edmund does not look like the one that was previously in the previous films. It wants to listen because Anthony says not only memorized earlier, words in which more nonsense than sense, then, that Paphos is the role of narratives about the past of the Autobots and their relationship with humanity. Anthony Hopkins has invested in spoken word and did it with soul. Besides pathos Hopkins is characterized by its game. One can make a joke, “pin” and sympathize. Frisky old is capable of much.

The verdict. Disappointment left after viewing the fourth part is not forgotten. For sure, they will arise after viewing of the fifth, but whether this is the same ashamed feeling that I was back then? Rather no than Yes. Minimized special effects unexpectedly brought the most “cheers”, which has not occurred even once in the entire history of the franchise. Problems always existed in paintings, and remained here. In the “Last knight” is still no proper script, even the camera is not shaking during the fighting, but still is a good movie that deserves to watched it at least once. Is it better than “Age of extinction”? Definitely. Best film of the entire franchise? In any case. The worst? Sometimes claims it, but still no.

– We were brothers…

– Once!

Pleasant viewing!

New review: transformers: Last knight 24.06.2017

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