New review: transformers: Last knight 25.06.2017

Optimus Prime doesn’t know where the right hand side, and where the enemy is. In an attempt to attain salvation, the hero goes to his home planet. What happened to her, is it possible to revive? It was all in the mind of the leader of the Autobots, but he could not imagine, what result to expect at home?

Meanwhile, events on the Ground unfold no less terrible is the war, where any iron machine that only arrives from space, it is a threat. Created special units trying to sweep, but under their oppression can get quite decent soldiers, the legionaries, whom we should trust.

Yet the leader of the initiative in the ranks of the Autobots can take Bumblebee, but he hasn’t the strength, and the mysteries that are one after another opened to the guys, they’re kind of fiction. Nothing happens by chance, for any, absolutely any mistake, the result will have to be punished, and if not now, then in the distant future, where will be your descendants that absolutely nothing about the ancestors and do not know.

The plot of the fifth of the Transformers is quite decent, there were a lot of fights, a lot of deception and lies, but every time where not only did the resistance groups, all of their expected defeat. Man and machine are two different, but close in spirit beings who must unite, must believe in their mission, but to work together. No one has been able to look into the future, but from our actions, and will depend on the future life, we are making history, we, and no one else.

Forward, victory will be ours, the Evil forces, You are doomed to failure.

7 out of 10

New review: transformers: Last knight 25.06.2017

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