New review: transformers: Last knight 25.06.2017

I must say that on the fifth “Transformers” I went with some apprehension. After all the negative reviews prevailed, and many bloggers mixed the new “Transformers” with… clear. I left the room in good spirits, and was satisfied with the picture. If to tell about the previous parts of “Transformers”, then:

Part 1 of “Transformers” was a great blockbuster. Not perfect, of course, but not as stupid. It was delivered cool action, special effects were awesome, and the main actor, Shia LaBeouf, if not irritated, as it was in the subsequent parts. In principle, the beginning of the franchise was promising.

In the 2nd part, Michael Bay decided to go classic with the sequel rule: multiply all good in the first part 2 times. Action became more special effects have become bigger, and fight the Autobots more to capture (particularly effective was the scene with Optimus Prime in the forest). However, this part was kind of slow, mainly associated with the ongoing action (seriously, I could watch the second part of the times of the 5th, and some action scenes had to either rewind, or in pain to wait for this CGI mess will end). And it was after the second part of “Transformers” happened what a mess. Whether the greed of the producers have won, if Michael Bay was to remove the next part reluctantly, thinking in the spirit: “when shooting quickly will it end?”, but in the end that such negligence led to the following:

To the 3rd part, with the subtitle “the Dark side of the moon”, Michael Bay, apparently, too is tried. For the few that love the passion of the main character is Megan Fox was replaced by some blonde whose name I forgot, and he still the main character, Sam Witwicky, was not likely to evoke sympathy, but simply to irritate and enrage. And looking at the game Shia LaBeouf in the third part, I feel that he wants to earn the fee than to play it. Particularly annoying character Ken Zhong, in fact, he was positioned as a comical character, but in the end all his jokes only cause an attack of shame. Action again held the bar, the special effects, too, but for some reason feel such emotions and enthusiasm comparable to the previous parts. But as it turned out, the 3rd part was just beginning. The real horror was…

In the 4th part, with the subtitle “Age of extinction”. Formally, this is a continuation of the previous three parts, but this is in some degree a restart. Nepomerno stretched the timing, stupid action for the sake of action, endless and stupid pathos, special effects for special effects — all this is to some extent ruined “Transformers” as a franchise. But in that barrel of tar was one teaspoon of honey: it’s Stanley Tucci. Stanley there really is annealed, it was felt that he was just having fun on the set and receives a portion of the fan.

Me, frankly, shudder, “Transformers”, as the Russian cinema, made universal hate. Moreover, the first especially. So that’s “mommy’s critics,” I want to say that you didn’t come to the prize-winner of the Cannes film festival, teach that no philosophy and morality you are in the “Transformers” will not find even under a microscope, it’s just a movie attraction film when watching it a relaxing one.

Yes, the Intro is too long. In fact, in the “Transformers” the same thing happens.

Now about the movie:

If to speak about the good sides of the picture, in the first place, I note he action. I have said many times about the action in “Transformers”, then action surprised me. There is not only fights the Autobots, the local action is very diverse and impressive. For only one pursuit in London hats off to the creators! The visual part is good and honed to perfection.

With the characters there is no problem. Almost: mark Wahlberg special acting talents in this film does not possess, and although he is quite capable of delivering acting (in “the Departed”, for example), in the role of Cade Jaeger it like a glove. Constantly frowns and narrows his eyes. The character of Isabella of Moner quite an interesting background, making it and caused interest. Laura haddock, in fact, acting as companion of the main character and stand-replacing Megan Fox as Megan plays to put it mildly, your body. But someone I did not expect this movie to see Anthony Hopkins. Along with a new character — a robot Colmena, they made this film. Bravo! And another small plus of the film is high-quality 3D. Seriously, when I watched in the cinema, the image was three-dimensional, and all the parts flew right out of the screen. And this is the case when the 3D really did the trick.

But there is something what I was not delighted: an endless, tedious and stupid pathos. Since the first part, the sore is already to the fifth showed the cancer: the characters talk mostly eloquent speeches that hardly anyone tells the reality. Not that I mind of pathos, but only when it is really necessary when it is important for the development of the plot. But here the pathos is inserted only because… IT’s COOL!!! actually no. That still did not like the 5’s “Transformers”, so it’s flickering montage. It looks like 13-year-old student shot on the Iphone. And that mount is not learned.

What can I say? In “transformers: the Last knight” is definitely worth going. You should not listen to critics and bloggers, and then preventing a simple and unpretentious film-ride with dirt. Definitely worth to see this picture on the big screen, because the monitor is such a spectacle looks do not understand how. To see this picture in 3D, as I said, also standing, and don’t forget that the film can be some Easter eggs, nods to the previous installments (what, look). And I andwow it is a pity that Michael Bay has left the franchise. Even after his departure, c “Transformers” will still pageICI loot. Within a year, will be a spin-off of Bumblebee. In the meantime, let’s wait and see.

8 out of 10

P. S: I feel that my review will be doomed to a bunch of cons.

P. P. S: Before the film was a trailer for another Russian “shydevra” called “the Legend of the Kolowrat”, with disgusting graphics, who came as if from computer games early noughties. That’s what I understand: our kinodela know how quality effects to do.

New review: transformers: Last knight 25.06.2017

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