New review: transformers: Last knight 26.06.2017

Each subsequent movie about Transformers fall deeper into the abyss scene of chaos, anomalous irrationality of everything, biosynthesi deeds of heroes, burying under the rubble of once again collapsing and going again (what a surprise!!) The Autobots promising history of their people.

Stubbornly deciding to follow the cliché, the films repeatedly turned to the pain in the eyes are identical. Originality may not get a sequel, but Directors as a blueprint to create a part by part, most people changing one artifact to another and supervillain, who is claimed as the strongest, but the next part is kind of pathetic compared to the new enemy.

This picture is just to give a brief but full description. Other movies direct is going to be jealous of its compactness and completeness. It sounds like this: “All the same, as in the previous parts.” Alas, my expectations for an epic appearance of the Creators of the Transformers and an exciting plot around them… with a loud crash failed, so that I have even heard of. And all we have is more naive, childish movie with a couple jokes “18+”.

No, if someone thinks that I will forget praise the graphics and special effects, I was very much hurt. All the robots look the absolute part of the landscape, even the most picky eye will not be able to hold on and be accused of insignificance. Perhaps this film I want to watch just for the unrealistic visual effects. What stunning graphics is the tether, which does not allow the picture to fall into the abyss, where once overthrew Megatron.

But if in the earlier parts in the background of exploding cars, and the Apocalypse has somehow managed to create a semblance of a realistic and touching relationship between people, to justify their actions (and the relationship between Autobots and humans), but this time decided to dismiss the serious side and limited to jokes like “there he caresses or squeezes?”. Yeah, of course, is the most important question in the midst of world chaos.

The title of the film “Last knight” revealed virtually no reference to Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table finished off. This interpretation of this legend, perhaps the beat will be difficult.

Maybe somebody remembers the scene from the second part of the movie, when the hero gets the Matrix of Leadership and dies, but the consciousness it comes to certain mysterious ancestors of the Transformers. Their Directors have forgotten entirely. The existence of the matrix of Leadership Directors have forgotten entirely. That transformers was sort of hiding on the planet, and was not involved in every little bit of the war, the Directors also forgotten. In General, I would advised them to revise the previous part.

In the end, another incredibly colorful, atmospheric movie with amazingly bad, illogical, disparate from the earlier parts of the story. I’m just afraid to ask what’s next. After all, we are promised at least another three continue…

6 out of 10

New review: transformers: Last knight 26.06.2017

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