New review: transformers: Last knight 26.06.2017

This, again, was loud, active, aggressive, and…incredibly boring. They say critics in the dust blown fifth “Transformers”, and it was for that. In essence, the new film does not offer his audience anything other than battle giant robots, but to watch them for 2.5 hours, the right word, boring.

And the story intriguing: knights, pseudovolcanic, carnage, some artifacts… But, unfortunately, a theme that is called, is not disclosed. And you can’t even blame the theme of ancient artifacts in illogic: it’s not even attempt to associate different artifacts there. The viewer simply represent two key artifact, briefly talk about the power of one, and completely forget about the second, occasionally remembering him, to show him almost as a pet. And the moment when he “POPs” may cause a smile, because the feeling is that blank shot. However, the main artifact is also not better: its importance we repeat the whole movie, but in the end its appearance and use is also turning into a “puff” when no one understood what to do with it what he can, and all his power is not really shown. Exactly.

Transformers, shown in this picture where more than the previous, and that I did not like. Because they are simply themselves more, and encountered the problem with them is absolutely equal to the problem arising from the presence of a huge number of human characters: the images are not disclosed. First and foremost, talking about transformers, familiar from previous installments, which took the fate of cannon fodder, soldiers, or just beautiful cars, carrying somewhere heroes. The new transformers at least nominally original, especially the Butler character Anthony Hopkins. But the main question arises in relation to traditional antagonists — Decepticons, whose pretentious names are and everything. No attention neither to the nor to their leader. Evil because it is evil and because it should be. What is their role in this story, why it’s important, for me remained a riddle, too episodic, their presence in this film.

With the human characters is also hard, I’m sorry, just. The gun does not shoot again. The plot of the picture that represents a new young heroine, does not develop absolutely no, and why she was even needed, remains a mystery almost more interesting than the one in the film intrigue. The characters in the film are introduced, and then forget about them. Mark Wahlberg plays in the film the man who needs something to do, presumably, save the world, but his personal story, his personal emotions are shown sparingly, formally, and built on the memory of the previous film, so what’s new about the hero have nothing to say.

The main female character, a charming Professor, remarkably similar to Megan Fox (or did I just imagine it?), a promising starting their journey in the franchise: humor, charismatic, almost bright, but pale, this path continues, quickly losing all their individuality and humbly following circumstances. Love line? Need, as it were, but something goes wrong, the heroes again, do not believe. Though what could be simpler: to show the unity of dissimilar, but in the end conditional “agreement. phrases for the other” turns into a meaningless cacophony of people not hearing each other. What love in General can be a speech? And so the role of the new heroine in the movie at all is quite doubtful, despite the stated importance. Because the gun again, “don’t shoot”.

I would like to say a lot of compliments Anthony Hopkins, it is unclear how became this film. To play him here, rightly speaking, nothing at all, but it gives this noble, mixed with a mysterious danger, the charm that makes “Transformers” just a little more interesting. But now, several hours later, after watching, I can’t remember, what’s important to the plot makes the hero Hopkins. There still remains the impression that there Hopkins for Hopkins and not film at all, in which case it would be simpler not to change the actor, but simply to remove the hero because no significant role he plays.

About the same we can say more about a number of characters, for example, the guy in Cuba, or physics. Like, they are like, they do something to the plot, but as they appeared, why, what’s the point of their existence in the history of the transformers — the unanswered questions.

Probably all of the above already makes it clear that the plot in “Tranformerov” unprecedented trouble, and that’s true. In fact, the whole film is one big battle, slightly diluted with dialogues. The battle, however, is quite boring, because at some point cease to allocate a separate part in this melteshenie machines, where the, where strangers — not to disassemble. And most importantly, it is not clear, why, for what fight. The storyline, sort of, and declared, but not slender, gradually folding into a single picture, but an uneven, episodic, and where one does not care to every detail played any role. The final was a disappointment at all, because the final Epiphany is not even pretentious, but simply comical and ridiculous, a cheap easy. And most importantly, it brings nothing, nothing heralds, so to speak. So I do not want to be touched, and to cover his face with his hand.

In total we got an incredibly long, chaotic, boring, not even history, but a continuous battle, a continuous medley of metal telephone No heroes-robots, not of human characters, some extras. Why it was removed, well, except for the money issue, surely? The viewer has to endure? Some soulless picture, not touching, not addicted.

5 out of 10

New review: transformers: Last knight 26.06.2017

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