New review: transformers: Last knight 27.06.2017

The last in the franchise!

This year we have seen the collapse of the Afterburner, Three x… According to many (but not me) the Pirates…

And now it is the turn of big robots.

Yes, I caught myself thinking, reviewing previous parts in the TV that the 3rd film in fact came the descent…

It is very difficult in our time to invent and compose, but in the animated series as it is managed sensibly, that’s coming up in each series. Of course, when you film two and a half hours you’re not getting off that easy. Why then stretch the action?

Again, one of the main conflicts — the aliens are looking for shelter, not good people do not appreciate, and sinister. Where have we seen this? That’s Right — “Area N9”. But then to philosophize came out and served very silly.

Iron dragon in the beginning — well, it’s a piano, but rather the body in the bushes. And again here they were a long time ago on earth and helped civilizations, well, in the specific case of Arthur and K.

And so it is possible bit by bit to find and self-citation, and copying from other SF movies and, sadly, a ton of nonsense inherent in the scenarios films category B.

Visually, all of course beautiful Bay and a master of his craft in every frame. But again no personality and drive. Action scenes are very monotonous (although previously it was not) and bring only a yawn. I’m not talking about bad slow motion.

And it’s a shame for sir Anthony and pretty face haddock. Friends who have you persuaded it? Understand that for the money, but we have ourselves at least a little respect!

In short, dear Mr. Bay, we love big robots and fantastic fighters, but please stop!

The public have had enough Already… ad nauseam…

New review: transformers: Last knight 27.06.2017

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