New review: transformers: Last knight 27.06.2017

Hello friends. Very rarely write reviews, but then to restrain emotions is just silly. Just three hours ago I left the cinema, 3D glasses after the eyes became inflamed and sore (2 hours 30 minutes this is not a joke), butt also did decently, but frankly, I’m happy.

Yes, you read that right! I am really pleased with what I saw. This is the same Michael Bay-addled money and bad influence of producers and Studio heads, issuing him any amount of money for the production of consumer goods under the name transformers. He is like a child on the Playground with any toys to choose from, composes and takes off his “masterpieces”.

And here emerges the feeling that I’m trying to describe — you watching the game this boy smile, his joyful laughter, here and there, flying toys in different directions, the sand rises into the air, as if in slow motion, and you sit and can’t look away from what is happening. You’re driving this madness, you can’t get up and leave (for the ticket that you paid, if you please to entertain). The child is simply restless, more and more, the flashes of sand is stronger and lasts for a long, tiring…

What I’m getting at, you ask? Just while browsing I have not seen the movie itself, there was no plot, no acting, even the music is lame on all four wheels. But I’ve seen fun boy Michael, who in the sandbox, did a very unusual thing, sometimes vulgar and not funny, dull and devoid of any sense of tact and rhythm, at times hilarious and even good, but the frequency tends to zero.

Then coming home from the cinema, I on the way met an old friend with whom we sometimes discuss movies, video games and more. He asked me if I liked it (he does not go to the movies and prefers to download for free from the Internet) and then I realized that I just have nothing to say to him, well, I have no to this film, no emotion. I just lowered his head and began enthusiastically to examine his shoes, but he understood me, more questions about the film have not asked.

The rating I put more that little boy, the film is empty and dead as a work of art, but I liked the passion with which he played with toys, and given the fees for the first five days, a lot of people just as much.

Anyone who has read up to this paragraph, thank you, even I felt lighter…

7 out of 10

New review: transformers: Last knight 27.06.2017

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