New review: transformers: Last knight 28.06.2017

Every time when watching transformers, the audience usually thinks about the story only after prosatore of the film, as exciting special effects, an incredible battle between the Autobots and Deseptikonov not let you to think about the details of the film. However, the fifth part of transformers this fact does not apply.

After 4-piece incredible action, Michael Bay wanted to make a “big” film with deep meaning and history. And this raises two questions: Why? And did it do to him?

Why? This question can only be answered by himself Michael Bay. Whether he managed to do it — no.

Frankly to ‘ big ‘ film “the Last knight” to put it mildly does not hold. Of course, the subject of the fifth part more thoughtful and interesting than the previous part, however, all impression spoils lengthy dialogues, inappropriate, and not funny humor and of course the lesser the presence of action compared to previous installments.

For the first time while watching a movie was not enough transformers. At the beginning, confusing bustle in the main part of the film, and a small battle of the transformers at the end of the film. Most certainly not enough Optimus Prime. Where is the “epic” battle of the Optimus? They were in the earlier parts… After affordable luxury money trailer, expected incredible and zahvatyvayuschaya battle between Bumblebee and Optimus. But in the end, what do we have? 20 sekundy battle, if it can be called a battle.

Should I go to this movie? Definitely worth it. “The last knight” was released fun the previous part in the story, but still worse by the presence of action scenes and battles.

When going to the movies need to be realistic and understand that the exciting atmosphere of transofrmers which was in the first two parts you will not get…

7 out of 10

New review: transformers: Last knight 28.06.2017

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