New review: transformers: Last knight 30.06.2017

People writing positive reviews of the fifth part of Transformers, often complain that this is a common popkornom entertainment, a sort of roller coaster ride, wearing 3D glasses, turn your brain off and meet for 2.5 hours of fun and cool action.

In my review I would like to explain why “the Last knight” and the whole series starting from the third part, are not fun, but violence over common sense and the mind of the viewer.

To start I would like to talk about the plot, usually in such films, it only serves to justify the fun happening on the screen and does not set itself the task load and strain of the viewer. But those who wrote the script for the fifth part of transformers has decided to adopt the experience of the first parts and the other similar movies it would be too easy and therefore heaped up such that the head does not fit. “Everything is made on the basis of such compote. Take it all the dregs to Understand this man that looks pretty complicated” is better about narrative of the fifth transformers and not say. The gods of Cybertron, swords, wands, even Merlin and the knights of the round table dragged here. All this, on the 60th minute of the view blended into the mess, to sort out who turned off the brain — it is resolutely impossible, and with on is very dangerous.

Add fuel to the fire characters whose behavior otherwise idiotic call. They all act illogical, they do something rash and incredibly stupid, and cardboard. Wahlberg continues to ruin his career by playing the most boring chapters of the hero in cinema history. He, as in the fourth part, just blank, tool writers, which will eventually save the planet, and he will give a beautiful girl who is also concurrently saves the planet. And if in a relationship LaBeouf and Fox (the names of their heroes nobody remembers, I think it would be easier) was the highlight, here’s Frank contempt in less than a day gives way to love.

Okay, this is the brain we turned off the mess in my head not notice it, but in the end? But in the end all the same boring awful not measured action. Everywhere the sound of explosions, big robots beating up other robots, thanks to the magic of abhorrent mounting this whole mess (not the story) and completely loses any sense, and the eyelids stick together, all stick together and… Oops, titles! By the way, the film is considered to imaxe.

The good: good humor, often stupid and vulgar, but as we know the brain is turned off, so some of the jokes still come. And Hopkins, the only person who plays, it is clear that not trying, but on the background of the birth brick, the main characters, that’s something.

In the end, the new transformers is a bad movie. Hope Bay, which is already stated on the refusal of the filming of the sequels, will be able to get rid of the sad fame directed this movie. It is a pity that it will take many years.

New review: transformers: Last knight 30.06.2017

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