New review: Trash the defeat 19.06.2017

Released in 2011 by the Australian film “Wedding defeat” the big event did not, polybushes the viewer, rather, by inertia, given the “Hangover”. Highbrow critics, however, the “Defeat” was more restrained than the audience — one of them even had the temerity to say that “the film absolutely as much humor as in funeral.” Screenwriter Dean Craig, who is not the first to laugh in their scripts over the feast, decided to move the film from the wedding straight to the funeral — not such a bad idea.

No time the four friends in London to recover after almost ruined the wedding ceremony, as they attain a new beat — Luke falls from a high cliff and dies. The newly minted father-in-law donates to transport the body home, corporate aircraft, but he crashed in the virgin forests of the green continent. Friends will have to overcome many obstacles to deliver a friend’s body home, is complicated by the fact that crazy cousin Luke has already paid the funeral ceremony, and they catastrophically do not have time.

Our compatriot jort Krizovnicka took only a year to go from the wedding to the funeral, but his Australian colleagues at the same time took exactly five times more. The characters and essence of the conflict between them forgotten, the train was gone, and the mood in the sequel due to the nature of the story is not so rosy-a holiday that in the first “Defeat”. “Trash the defeat” is the hard mockery of the inhabitants of the Australian Outback, but the banter is so vile, that his humor seldom goes out of scope, just below the waist. If you don’t mind the coffin in the form of a man’s penis, numerous allusions to group sex, sex with an octogenarian lady, the maniac who wears feminine dresses, as well as what friends are unsuccessfully trying to cope with erection late friend, the film runs the risk of you like it, I thought it was riding durnovkusiya. With all my very cool attitude to Krizovnicke need to recognize that it is the finale always manages, albeit falsely, to reconcile his characters, no matter how they were between a canine before. Lamprell this task fails catastrophically — if the predecessor had managed somehow to convince the audience that friends do not choose, here even the traditional cycle conciliatory conversation does not work — the trio of friends turns out to be unscrupulous, selfish bastards, constantly blaming each other of all mortal sins. One word — useless and an optional sequel to the successful Comedy five years ago, as evidenced by the fact that in addition to the rental in his native Australia, the film for rental we bought only New Zealand, Russia and Peru.

3 out of 10

New review: Trash the defeat 19.06.2017

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